Saving Althea: Found nearly lifeless in Hurricane Harvey struck Texas town

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No one cared and no one came to help Althea – that is until a rescuer found the nearly lifeless dog lying on her side in a Hurricane Harvey struck south Texas town; too weak to move nor able to drink water or eat any food. Covered in ticks and worms, the young dog’s life was slowly draining out of her, but rescue volunteers were determined to help; after all her newly dubbed name meant “with healing power,” and this abandoned, once unwanted dog’s future was about to change forever.

With social media exploding with people wanting to help after her plight went viral, Ruff Tales Rescue stepped forward to help.  And so Althea was rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital on Friday evening:

“Suspected pyometra, pneumonia, maggots in the ears as well as ticks, decaying flesh on her tail as well as bone exposed extremely anemic. Going to run blood work and see her white cell count, snap test, radiograph and if he had any doubt would back it up with an ultrasound. Will need to take X-rays. She’s got reflexes in one back leg but not the other. Dr. also thinks she may have been hit by a car.”

And now her life counts, and she is reported to be doing well. Althea is drinking, eating and urinating regularly. She suffers from anaplasmosis (tickborn disease) and is being treated with doxycycline. As of this time, she suffers from a pelvic injury and is not able to walk, but although she is expected to have a long recovery, her prognosis is good. How’s that for saving a life?

To help Ruff Tales Rescue with this girl’s mounting medical bills, please click here. 



(Photos and video for saving Althea via Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Ruff Tales Rescue)

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Video when rescuers arrived:

UPDATE 9/18: Great news for Althea…our little girl is a fighter! If her blood work comes back good today she will be released from the ER and able to move into a foster home for our patient care! She still needs to see an orthopedic specialist for her tail and pelvis but she is on her way to recovery! Thank you so much to everyone who kept her in your thoughts and prayers and those who donated! Please continue to keep her in mind as she continues to heal and keep sharing so we can continue to provide her will all the medical care she deserves! To donate please go to: 9/17: Althea is still at the ER so she can get 24 hour care. She is still on IV fluids since she was so dehydrated when she arrived. She is eating, drinking, and going potty. She is unable to walk due to her broken pelvis which will likely need surgery once she is healthy enough to withstand surgery. She is gaining strength each day! Hopefully in the next few days she will be strong enough to be discharged to home care! Thank you to everyone who has donated and prayed this far, we still need more help…our bill is over $2,000 already with a long road ahead! UPDATE 9/16: Althea is still at the ER and is doing well! She is eating, drinking, and urinating regularly. She has anaplasmosis which is being treated with doxycycline. She is not able to walk as she has a pelvic injury. Her blood work is in normal limits. She still has a long road to recovery but her prognosis is good! Keep praying and sharing for Althea**Warning: Real time graphic images** We have named this baby, Althea meaning "with healing power", she needs a miracle tonight! She was found in a Harvey struck town in southeastern TX…she is too weak to stand or drink water…we got her to the ER vet RIGHT NOW and now she needs all the healing power you can send! Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help save Althea's life! To donate and/or share as well as watch updates please go to:

Posted by RUFF Tales Rescue on Friday, September 15, 2017


7 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE help Althea to heal and fully recover – HUGE THANK YOU to Ruff Tales Rescue for their heroic efforts to save her – if not for them and the people who found her she would have died. I pray she makes a full recovery and gets the safe loving home she obviously never had.

  2. EB says:

    She is one of God’s beautiful creations abandoned in time of need. Whoever saves her, loves her and protects here will be welcomed into the Kingdom. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I have an awesome Vet. team and know lots of volunteers.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I Struggle with the State of TEXAS sorry to say!! Why IS the amount of animal abuse, neglect, abandonment , at least quadruple “ALMOST” ANY other STATE in the UNION? Economic, Intelligence, Attitude, Racial, Demographic, or JUST THE PLAIN ” DON”T GIVE A HOOT” ATTITUDE of the People populating the Whole State? illegal alien’s can’t BE held totally responsible for the HORRIFIC TREATMENT of this STATE’s ANIMAL NEGLECT/ABUSE ISSUE!!!

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! How heartbreaking! Althea is such a beautiful girl,a precious gift from God that I feel all dogs are. And her many health issues is so awful. When I see these poor dogs in these posts I just want to swoop in and gather them up into my arms and never let them go! This poor girl!!!!! I will be saying many many prayers for Althea❤️ And I want to thank the good Lord and Ruff Tails Rescue for the rescue of beautiful Althea❤️ THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH❤️


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