Sadistic ‘animal lover’ cuddled kittens before torturing them found guilty

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After a two-day trial at Nottingham Crown Court in England, a sadistic “animal lover” who cuddled kittens before torturing them has been found guilty. Aaron Barker, 26, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to pets and has been jailed for five months.

According to the Sun, the bizarre and disturbing story began with a four-month-old kitten named Panther; Barker sent pictures of him cuddling the kitten on social media “Whatsapp”.  The two kittens had been adopted from the Cats Protection League ten days before they were killed and had been registered to Barker’s nurse girlfriend, Verity Castle. The kittens had been rescued from an abandoned shed and had been featured on a television show as available for adoption:

Both Panther and the other kitten, named Baby, were tortured and bludgeoned to death; the kittens tried desperately to escape. Veterinarians described their injuries as having been punched, dragged, kicked and thrown into a wall. When questioned by authorities about the death of the kittens, Barker lied, stating they had been killed by a mysterious intruder while he had been at work and when he found them, he tried to revive them – “giving one the kiss of life.” Damage to the claws of the kittens indicated to authorities the little ones had tried desperately to escape during the vicious attack.

Prosecutors at Barker’s trial stated the mental care worker had been left unstable after dealing with violent patients. Barker denied the allegations. During the trial, RSPCA prosecutor Paul Wright stated Panther suffered a fractured skull and blood on the brain. Baby, the black and white kitten, suffered five broken ribs and a ruptured spleen.

Barker has an alleged history of mistreating animals. One disturbing charge described him tying a gerbil to a ceiling fan. He was also accused of killing two hamsters and a cat named Milo.

Castle continues to defend her boyfriend despite her family’s concern for the young woman’s safety. Barker was jailed last week and is also banned from keeping pets for life.

Rest in peace innocent little ones.

(Photos of sadistic “animal lover” via screenshots by Daily Mail)

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16 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    And he got only 5 months?????? And the girlfriend is defending him???? She’s a nurse???? God help the people that she takes care of! Society has gone downhill in a handbasket like my parents used to say. RIP little ones, you did not deserve this. Put the girlfriend away too for being an accessory!

    • vicki Hood says:

      The hospital or workplace needs to be informed of this nurse with sadistic thoughts if she thinks this POS is innocent. Tell the hospital you will not be treated or cared for by this other POS. Hopefully, there are Bubbas in the prison who can dish out some justice to AAron Barker.

  2. Laurette says:

    Only 5 MONTHS that’s a slap in the wrist. The girlfriend should lose her job if she thinks he’s innocent and I’d bet she knew about the torture and did nothing. England I’m so disappointed in you for allowing this sadistic creature lose on society. There are studies that show this type of behavior will lead to them torturing and killing children and then adults. You going to wait until he does this to a child before throwing his sorry ass in jail for any lenght of Time.
    I’d hope the people in the district write, email or stop by the prosecutor and judge’s offices and tell them 5 months is not enough that he deserves a longer sentence and to investigate the girlfriend and she be put on a no pet list.

  3. Red says:

    This chick defending this monster is a nut case herself! How in the heck can she defend this monster??? BECAUSE SHE IS ONE!!! He may have been the sadistic one, but sounds like she KNEW and maybe even watched the cruelty he inflicted. They should BOTH BE JAILED and the key thrown away!

  4. Teri Coker says:

    There is so much evidence that people who abuse animals will eventually hurt people. His girlfriend will one day be in the news because she was hurt by him or she knew about him hurting a person. It’s really sad the law is so lenient on animal abusers. He is obviously very sick.

  5. J. Martin says:

    Low life POS!!! Heartless bastard … deserves to die. I’d love nothing better than to read this assholes OBIT .. saying he was the victim of a unsolved murder. That would be fucking awesome

  6. Darla says:

    Castle is one delusional woman – probably so desperate to have a man that she has to defend this POS. Watch out – you’ll be next.

  7. Ilona Brost says:

    5 month?
    They do need humans killed to consider a longer sentence.
    Did anybody ever care about PREVENTING it? Give him few years in high security and MAY BE he will not graduate to killing humans.
    This guy is going to kill again and again and again.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Five months – so typical of the RSPCA and their piss poor punishment record – this maggot should be in prison for ten years – five for each kitten – and his brain dead girlfriend should be right there with him. Since he had a record for animal abuse it should have been quite easy to find this BEFORE he was allowed to adopt, torture and kill these innocent defenseless kittens – apparently no one bothered to check. They are ALL guilty – Cats Protection League, the RSPCA, the prosecutor – they all looked the other way and let these innocent kittens become victims of a KNOWN animal abuser. Hope none of you sleep at night.

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    This POS should never have been around these kittens and for his stupid girl friend to defend him is appalling, Listen “girl friend” you will be next. If I were a member of your family I would be concerned too. Wow the judge surely went overboard sentencing this POS to 5 months in jail (sarcasm) He should be sitting in jail for at least 5 years! “Unstable after dealing with violent patients”, were the gerbils, hamster and other cat tortured before his stint as a “mental care worker” or after? Anyway you look at it, he should be in the mental health facility as a client himself!

  10. pamela bolton says:

    Five Months??? Just enough time for him to figure out what he is going to do to the next one that crosses his path. What justification does this sentence hold? It should have been 10 years PER animal. But that’s OK.. Someone will take him out. Creatins like that don’t last long in the real world once people find out what he has done.


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