Saddest bonded German shepherd watches over her nearly blind pal at crowded shelter

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If there ever was a sad story of two bonded siblings surrendered to the Carson Animal Shelter, then it has to be about Bella and Snowball. On Saturday, their family removed their collars and leashes and told the shelter staff, they just didn’t have time to care for the dogs. A volunteer standing by watched the heartbreaking moment:

“This will be the saddest thing you see today or maybe all week, and it will be hard to get out of your mind…. SNOWBALL is missing an eye and the one he has doesn’t look great. His big sister BELLA takes care of him.”

Bella is an  eight-year-old female German Shepherd. She is not spayed. She has  been at the Carson Animal Care Center since April 29 and is available for adoption today. You can visit her at her temporary home at C217. Reference #A3983340.  Click here for Bella’s Pet Harbor adoption listing. Her Facebook page can be followed here.

Snowball is a 13-year-old male Chihuahua who is neutered. He has been at the Carson Animal Care Center since April 29 and is available for adoption today. You can visit him at his temporary home at C217. Reference #A5055415. Click here for Snowball’s Pet Harbor adoption listing. His Facebook page can be followed here.

(Photos and video of bonded German shepherd and Chi courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs)

For information about fostering or adopting Bella and Snowball, contact:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California

Please watch their video and see how close they are. Share their story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social medial contacts. Sharing saves lives. These two are very special and deserve better:


95 replies
  1. Sheri says:

    Oh please someone help these two. They belong together in a loving home. Any rescue that will step up and help these two. Please don’t separate them.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Shall we make up some excuses for the POS owners that dumped these poor dogs at Carson? Praying they are saved, I am so disgusted with man kind!

    • Dog/cat rescuer says:

      Totally agree. I wonder if they font have time for their human children would they dump them at an orphanage ?

    • ellen cottone says:

      Yes, Make up excuses for p.o.s owners B.M.
      Waste as much time and energy as you possable can while 2- bonded dogs sit in a shelter seperated from everything they know and now looking at dying at the shelter as euthinasia day comes closer each day.

      You should probly be more concerned about getting these 2- out in one piece instead of pointing out the moldy old and obvious “POS” owner routine. God it Gets Boaring. It just seems like a smarter use of your time and energy would be to help get them to safty. Instead of looking for some redeaming qualities in said POS owners.
      You spend too much time defending pos owners. YES B.M.!! we get it. but we have bigger fish to fry rite now. getting these 2- dogs to safety.
      Oh p.s, on your
      p.o.s. owners. ya beat it to death. lets work with the task at hand getting the dogs out and rest assured the world will take care of the rest every last p.o.s. owner.

      • Cindy Halvorson says:

        Calling the kettle black much?? Why are you jumping so hard on B.M. Ellen? Take a look in the mirror you keyboard warrior, wtf are you doing besides degrading people for commenting on this post? You don’t know B.M. and neither do I, you don’t know what shes done or may be doing. You come off like an internet bully on someone you don’t even know, and learn how to spell bitch. Get off that high horse your sitting on, it comes off as stupid.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Ha! Ha!
      youll have to do better than that! bm/ch. I like my horses high. it helps me keep my distance….
      From whats on the floor…

    • ellen cottone says:

      yes why all the hate B.M. why the constant stupid and antagonistic in your comments. why are you constantally stirring up your nasty. whats the matter with you.also there is no C.H. just your sad and pathitic attempt at picking on an ellen.bullying Ellen . Your tell was the high horse youv used it in other posts. your so very sad.
      You could always mind your own bussiness B.M.
      why dont you and yur friend Pennt D. have a “White sheet” party? you need to keep better company BM.
      To bad your not worthy of better company

      • ellen cottone says:

        I seem very cruel? if you cant take it dont dish it. im not cruel im never cruel. I speak the truth sorry if you cant stand the truth. you dont have to listen and you dont have to reply but your feel the need to interact. whats the matter with you? What exactally is cruel?
        Ya got nothin rite? Then shut up. and Grow up. Im sorry if my observations at Pet rescue R. make you angrey. You need to harden up, pup.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Oh I get it NOW ellen cottone, You are allowed to make comments about people and situations but I am not. You are allowed to jump on my comments trying to demean them and call me names but I am not. As I see it, you are the one who commented on MY post here, you are the one being nasty, antagonistic, calling ME sad and pathetic I’m glad I got this figured out ellen cottone, I love you ellen, you confirm my belief that human’s aren’t worth my trouble!

    • ellen cottone says:

      I got no hate barkleys,
      Im not invested enough. but really what is your problem? you hold a grudge way to long. You got to let things go and move on, lick your wounds and live to bitch another day.i dont hate you. your to sad to hate. you obsess way to much on petty stupid things. And you need to stop hanging out with that nasty racist Penny D. or people will think her comments are ok with you.

  3. Sherry says:

    Oh, this is too much. If people can’t make a damn real commitment, then why bother owning animals. If you take them in, it’s your responsibility until the very end. Some people just look at it so irresponsibly and callously. Like, oh, it’s a fun puppy, how cute and then the novelty wears off and people suddenly don’t want to give any time to them when they may require it or when they need help. To people like that, there was never real love there, they were only “Just dogs” to them all along. Some people just don’t love animals and they own them anyway which is disgusting. They cause so much trauma , heartbreak and disillusionment to their animals. There are no excuses ; no words. These people definitely don’t think like me. I would never be able to sleep again or look myself in the mirror if I bailed on any animal of mine. So, I’m gonna distinguish myself from people like that and I know some of ya’ll out there love your animals fiercely and loyally as I do. So, let’s just say, we and those kind of ppl that turn their animals back in are two different kind of “breeds”. So praying for the bonded cuties!

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The shelter doesn’t say anything about them being adopted together which I think is WRONG! The signs make me think that the shelter doesn’t care if they are separated. Shame on them! I thought their first priority would be to see that they would do what’s best for the dogs!

    • tina says:

      A shelter is not obligated to force both of them to be adopted together. It would be nice if they remained together, but, doesn’t always happen. Lets hope they are both rescued that’s what counts.

  5. Cynthia Johnson says:

    This is so heartbreaking, I pray they get out of there together and to a family that will love them both the way they deserve to be. I live in Florida and will share them on social media in hopes they get out together and alive.

  6. Bunny Peters says:

    My husband, our quadriplegic furbaby MacKitty & I would welcome these 2 precious senior furbabies….. only problem is that we are in Northern California & would need help pulling them & transporting them…….

  7. Denise says:

    This is the saddest abandonment I have seen in a while. It is so obvious they know they have been tossed away! I am sick at heart. Please if there is a rescue out there that can manage to squeeze these two in please step up and keep them together. Shame on those owners placing them here. Please!!!!

  8. 19thcenturylady says:

    I hope someone can find a rescue or retirement home or a really good home for these two to live the rest of their lives together in peace and safety. Please contact all of the possible rescues to take them and find them a place together. Keep us posted.

  9. Linda Patton says:

    OMG! My heart cries with sorrow. Humans are so callous, non feeling, heartless. These two need help now, they MUST stay together! They depend on each other, live for each other. Please demand they be adopted as a set/a pair. The humans who did this should be black listed from ever adopting another animal, they are not worthy of an animals love or devotion. I’m sharing with all rescues I work with, people I know who foster, people who might be interested in giving them a forever home. I wish I had space, I’m maxed out, to my limit for fosters. God willing I’ll place two within the next few days so I’ll have space for these two.

  10. says:

    How did their family turn their back on them in the time in their life they need love & security……I will never understand people who do this… would they like it if when they get in their golden years their family put them in a home & never We to see them again….this is heart breaking….I’m praying they are rescued and hopefully together…..I think they would be lost without each other

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I also wrote to Frosted Faces explaining that I live in Northern California and these 2 treasures could join us……. but we needed help to pull them from the shelter and with transportation (I can’t drive more than 3 hours due to pain from my recent right foot surgery & if I take pain medication, I can’t drive at all)…..

      I have not yet heard back from them.

      • Sami says:

        Okay great! Let me know if you hear back!! Frosted faces is great, I reached out to them as well for you.

      • Sami says:

        Bunny what is your number? I think it would be better if everyone spoke instead of went through this thread.

      • debor33 says:

        Bunny, transportation has been provided for these 2 precious babies to come live with you….all they need is for you to call them. If you need help with their number, let me know….please call today, they need out of their asap….they are scared to death…l

      • debor33 says:

        Bunny, a ride has been found to bring these 2 angels all the way to you at no cost to you. They would like you to call them to finalize the plans….the phone number to call is 847-525-7264….. they posted this message yesterday….perhaps you have already called them….thank you

      • Sami says:

        Hey guys Bunny won’t be able to foster or adopt these babies. She just found out bad news regarding her beloved Cat, who has liver cancer.

      • Becky Harris says:

        I think Bunny Peters bugged out…maybe someone discouraged her…dunno but the liver cancer sounds a bit convenient when you need to back out. Sorry if this sounds mean. If I didn’t have 9 dogs, no yard….

      • Bunny Peters says:

        Hi to Everyone who is so VERY caring and wonderful.

        Bert & I are still in shock over our terrible news about our beloved MacKitty. I have been crying all day……..

        Our precious loving furbaby has metastatic liver cancer and is facing surgery (if & only if we can get him strong enough to survive the surgery procedure)…….

        We thought MacKitty was ill from the herbal treatments we were trying on him to promote neurological improvement. We stopped the herbs and he was still very sick. We had him thoroughly tested & found out the horrible diagnosis.

        While we would LOVE Bella and Snowball (we have been looking for a long time for older companions for MacKitty), it’s not fair to MacKitty, who needs lots of our time and attention (I am giving him 10 medications twice a day) to support him during his fight of a lifetime……

        MacKitty does have a great quality of life, even though he is a quadriplegic and very ill. He continues to be sweet, loving and is inspirational: his disposition is so amazing even though he has cause to be “mean”…..

        I will be contacting Frosted Faces to make a donation for Bella and Snowball.

        Bert and I wish that MacKitty wasn’t so ill, but we MUST help him…… we rescued him (& his brother, who, sadly, passed away 2 years ago) almost 15 years ago when they were 7-8 weeks old balls of fluff…….

        A word of warning to anyone who tries to help a furbaby with “laser light therapy”: if you think your furbaby might have cancer, DO NOT use this therapy as it can promote cancer cells growth as it promotes neurological cells growth……..

      • Mike says:

        Becky Harris I tend to agree with you. She ignored all of people’s comments who wanted an update from her.

  11. Karen says:

    All I can.give them is food shelter with my.other creatures if you can get both to Southwest Ohio. If you can email at the email address provided

  12. Catherine Rolley says:

    I First want to Say Thank you to Bunny Peters and her family for wanted to take them into their home and hearts and also to the kind people who are helping with pulling them and transportation etc.You people are the best.And to the assholes who dumped them I say that you are really selfish fucking people.How can you sleep at night abandoning these sweet dogs just because you don’t have time for them.That’s just bullshit.How much time does it take to feed them take them for a walk and then let them cuddle with you.? And you can’t even give them that little amount of time.You really are selfish.I hope that when you get old someone just dumps you in a room and tells you I don’t have time to take care of you and leaves you to take care of yourself with no help.You are a disgrace to mankind.Just a worthless selfish piece of shit.

      • ellen cottone says:

        yes its heartbreaking and the shepard knows she cant help and they look hopeless. it would take an awesome home or organization to get them both together again and safe. I hope it happens. Im sure they are a well behaved happy little couple.

      • ellen cottone says:

        My mistake, i thought the snow ball was taken to a foster and bella was alone at the shelter.
        I can see now that they were kept together to comfort each other and to increase their chances of being pulled as a couple. Now a happy little family gets to leave together.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Thank you, I couldn’t find any information on them from the links above, I’m glad they are safe.

  13. debor33 says:

    Is there anyone waiting in the wings since Bunny can’t get them now? Should we start sharing & searching …..these babies need out asap. Carson, please let us know if there is anyone else interested…..if not we can start sharing….

  14. Bunny Peters says:

    No, we didn’t “bug out”…… we adopt vs. shop for our furbabies.

    I am from a medical family. We have added furry family members with epilepsy, heart murmurs, congestive heart failure (& we have a fantastic network of vets to help us)…… we spend more money on our furbabies than we do on ourselves (drive 20 & 17 year old cars, 1 pair of new shoes in 4 years)…….

    We need to deal with treatment for MacKitty as his new care requires much more effort (just try administration of 10 medications twice a day every day)……. plus my 2 “day jobs”……..

    • debor33 says:

      I understand Bunny….we just found out 2 weeks ago our youngest kitty has to have surgery….we go for the consult with the surgeon tomorrow afternoon….cost is supposed to be between $1600 and $2000.00, so I get it….we have 3 kitties and they are all rescues….no other way to go to get pets as far as we are concerned….prayers for MacKitty.


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