Runaway horse drawn carriage collides with cars in Wisconsin

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It was a terrible day for horses, drivers and carriage riders on Saturday afternoon in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin when a horse drawn carriage collided with two vehicles on one of the main streets in mid-morning.

According to Fox News, eight people had been in the carriage at the time of impact; several people had been in the vehicles involved. Fortunately none of the 15 people were seriously injured, and the horses only suffered minor cuts and bruises and are expected to make a full recovery.

Two families with young children had been on the carriage ride when something went wrong. According to one witness, as the driver was about to get onto the carriage, the two Percherons spooked and launched into a full sprint. And … boom the panicky horses hit the cars. Onlookers quickly came to the aid of the victims and patiently helped the horses. One of the horses practically ran on top of the hood of a car; its reins became entangled on the auto’s wheel.

Perhaps this is just another example of how automobiles and horse drawn carriages aren’t made to share the road. Surely we can do better.

(Photos of horse drawn carriage accident  via screenshots Fox News)

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9 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Another example of why horses SHOULD NOT be on the road with cars! And I must say how much this whole debacle completely enrages me!! I will NEVER,EVER undrstand why human idiots continue to prance poor horses on the road with cars,trucks,busses and motorcycles….THEY DO NOT BELONG ON CITY STREETS!! SMH. THANK GOD THESE POOR HORSES WERE NOT KILLED AND THESE FAMILIES WERE NOT NJURED TOO!! STOP THIS STUPID,STUPID PRACTICE!!!!!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    When is this ever going to end? The days of horse drawn carriages is over…. there are too many people, too many cars…’s too much, please stop subjecting horses to this…..8 people in the carriage, come on people.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a horrifying experience for all involve. I am so glad no one was seriously hurt, it could have turned out much worse. Horse drawn carriages shouldn’t be on roads with cars, I agree, they should do better!

  4. Marsha Squibb says:

    These fucken people!!!!!BOTH the horse owners and the 8 lazy Bastards in the carriage!!!!!!!Get these horses OFF THE STREET!!!!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Horse drawn carriages should be nationally banned on ALL city streets. These collisions happen over and over and those in authority turn a blind eye. Thank God it was not a fatal accident BUT is another prime example of WHY horses do NOT belong dragging stupid humans around for so called ‘entertainment’. These horses are not machines and so susceptible to cars, buses and trucks. END ALL HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGES.

  6. Darla says:

    I was shocked that the horse survived after seeing the picture. Thank God he/she is okay. Having horse drawn carriages on the same streets as cars is utter BS. It’s not necessary and should be banned everywhere.

  7. Red says:

    STOP USING CARRIAGES DRAWN BY HORSES!!!! If people want carriage rides, get motorized carriages!!! Horses were not created by God to be hauling around lazy tourists on busy streets with cars and trucks!!! Why can’t people get it through their heads!??!?! Horses are for farms, dirt roads, pastures….. NOT CITY STREETS…..STOP THIS INSANE ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TORTURE!!!!!!

  8. Pamela Bolton says:

    Stop these absurd carriage rides in the cities. This is going to result in a horse being killed. HUMANS should have better sense than to ride in the carriages to begin with so they are on their own. We have been calling for a ban for years. Get your thumbs out of your mouth and ban carriage rides in cities before a horse gets killed.


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