Rottweiler found with severed nose, ears and tail gets reconstructive surgery

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On Wednesday, the stray Rottweiler dubbed Baron discovered last month wandering in southwest Detroit, underwent reconstructive surgery. Earlier in the afternoon, the Michigan Humane Society posted an update on the friendly dog, whose nose and ears had been severed and his tail docked off by an unknown culprit.Michigan HS Baron

“The Michigan Humane Society would like to share that Baron had his reconstructive surgery today and is doing great. The surgery lasted around 2 hours and 30 minutes. His nasal passage is now covered and protected and his tail was shortened and sutured. Our veterinary team reports that he came through with flying colors, and is resting quietly while he recovers. Baron thanks everyone for their love and support!”

Dr. Bryden Stanley from the Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center performed the reconstructive operation and was assisted by the staff at MHS. According to the Detroit News, more than $40,000 in donations poured in to help the dog. And while Baron’s wounds are slowly healing and people from all over the world have come to his aid, the dog’s plight has become a symbol of the many animals abused and neglected as well as the push for animal cruelty investigators to find these criminals.Baron the dog with missing nose 3

On January 17, a concerned citizen who spotted the dog with his serious injuries, contacted the MHS. A rescue team raced to the site, found the Rottweiler mix and rushed him back to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit. Once there, the shelter’s veterinarian staff immediately began assessing the dog’s injuries and working to make him comfortable.  Mark Ramos, a lead investigator for the organization, stated an unknown culprit purposely maimed the dog. It is suspected more than one person was responsible for the abuse to the eight-year-old pup, suggesting that one person had to have held Baron while another person cut off his ears, his tail, injured his back legs and sliced off his nose with such clean cuts.

“This is a public safety issue,” stated Matthew Pepper, president and CEO of the Michigan Humane Society. “It’s not just an animal welfare issue. Just by looking at Baron, you can see he has gone through incredible suffering. Anyone who is capable of doing something like this is capable of doing something like this to a person. This is a dangerous person. We have an obligation to do everything we can to find out who’s responsible.”

A reward offering $32,000 still stands for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for Baron’s torture. Anyone with information is asked to call the MHS hotline now at (313) 872-3401. Donations can be made here. 

(Photos and video courtesy of MHS and Detroit News.)

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Baron the abused Rottweiler gets a second chance at life

Things slowly are improving for Baron. Donations are flowing in and, on Wednesday, Baron’s journey takes another turn when Michigan State University veterinarians will lead surgical reconstruction of his nose and tail.

Posted by Detroit News on Tuesday, February 7, 2017


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  1. Peggy Schuetz says:

    To see he’s so friendly towards his rescuers, after being abused so horribly, the pain, I can’t even imagine what he suffered. His ability to forgive humans is a testament to why these innocent babies need to be protected, and the individuals involved in the heinous crimes against animals should be apprehended and severely sentenced. There has to be consequences severe enough to stop these acts towards the helpless. We are their voice.

  2. Sheri says:

    The POS who did this honestly deserves the same. I could easily turn my head the other way if this was done to the perpetrator. Karma to the sub human who is responsible. Prayers to Baron

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère que cette ordure sera retrouvé rapidement et qu’elle sera condamnée à la prison à vie, qu’elle subira des souffrances aussi cruelles que celle de se pauvre loulou. Elle ne mérite aucune pitié.

  4. susispot says:

    Hard to see a difference if this is post surgery. I wonder if there will be more surgeries to follow? Such a love bug. Nice boy.


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