Road rage: Montclair man reaches into car and grabs dog to throw it on sidewalk

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In Montclair, New Jersey authorities are investigating a video  that shows a road rage incident  occurring on Bloomfield Avenue  on Sunday which involves a potential case of animal cruelty. The video was posted on, but the contents remain unclear according to Montclair Animal Control Officer Michere Shiber.

“We are reviewing the video to try and establish when it happened,” Officer Shiber reported to “We are trying to find the original poster. The person who posted this video was a witness. I am particularly interested in speaking with that person.”

As for the video, it shows a red Honda and a white Toyota stopped on Bloomfield Avenue. The two drivers are arguing, and it appears another person in one of the cars is recording the skirmish as it happened. The man driving the Toyota pushes the other driver who falls. That person then gets up, reaches into the Toyota and grabs a small dog which he then throws out onto the sidewalk.

“What’s your f —ing problem?, the first man yells and he gets closer to the other man. He then shoves the other man who falls. “Record that,” could be heard.

The driver of the red Honda speeds away as the little dog runs back to the Toyota. It is not clear what happened to the little dog or if it was run over, although a woman passenger in the Toyota gets out of the car and screams her dog is dying.

“The dog is going to die!, a woman’s voice is heard yelling. “Oh my God. Oh my God. Why did he do that tho this dog?”

Several conversations have since been discussed on the popular website Reddit as readers  and animal advocates trade information trying to identify the people involved. Particularly disturbing is a Lyft sticker spotted on the back of the red Honda. A spokesperson for Lyft said the driver wasn’t on a trip for Lyft at that time. The company has since then deactivated the individual after learning of the situation.

Police are now investigating the situation. Fortunately the video provides clear images of the license plates of both cars.

(Photos of road rage incident screenshots via video)

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The video can be viewed here.

Be advised the video is disturbing and contains explicit and offensive language not suitable for all viewing audiences.

8 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    So what is the problem w/finding this maggot who took their anger out on an innocent animal? They say they have the license number and the video is pretty clear – find this hunk of sewer slime and prosecute him – and PLEASE find this little dog who is probably terrified and confused – he needs to be found ASAP before something horrible happens to him.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t really give a hoot what these two morons do to each other but bringing an innocent dog into it makes my blood boil! I am concerned what happened to the poor dog! If the dog was hurt then this POS needs to be found and charged!

  3. susispot says:

    I hope we hear the dog is ok. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the idiot people. They can hurt each other, but leave the innocents alone.


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