Badly neglected dog found in dumpster

Reward offered: Ailing young dog found discarded in dumpster

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Someone threw away an ailing young dog in a Raytown, Missouri, dumpster and now, a reward has been offered for information leading to whoever is responsible for the heartless act of cruelty. The pup, dubbed Iris, was found in one of the dumpsters behind a shopping complex at 5242 Blue Ridge Boulevard, reported Fox 4 KC.

Dog dumped in dumpster

Iris has obviously been badly neglected for a long time – she is suffering from a multitude of issues, including mange, secondary skin infections and anemia. Iris has been taken under the wing of the Midwest Animal Resq.

On October 28, the rescue group updated Facebook followers about the puppy’s condition:

Thank you for all the inquiries regarding Iris, the sweet dog found in the dumpster. She is still in the hospital, and received a blood transfusion today. She has a long tough road ahead, and we are grateful for your support.

The most recent update on Iris’ condition states:

Iris update: Her red blood cell count is still very low, and her infections are not under control yet. She is taking treats like a champ, and curled up in my lap for a cuddle. She will be in the hospital all week, and received another blood transfusion today.

According to the rescue group, a reward of $5000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for this crime.

Find Midwest Animal Resq on Facebook at this link.

Donations to help with Iris’ ongoing care can be made to the rescue group at this link.

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8 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Good job. Whats with Missouri? So many cruelty cases. The innocent little beings suffer because certain people choose to be mean? The few good people that help these innocents are picking up the pieces at an alarming rate. Is law enforcement lacking here? Bless the little pup and all who help her. Time for the police to kick butt. That’s where our tax monies go.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!! How heartbreaking!!!!!!! This is a prime example of why animal abuse needs to be harshly punished!!!! They are offering a $5,000 reward for this disgusting cruelty but if they find the POS responsible and arrest the POS the judicial system will do nothing meaningful as far as imposing a punishment! And then we wonder why this horrible crime is so rampant! If they catch the evil monster responsible u can bet a slap on the wrist is all the POS will receive!!!!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      You are absolutely 100% right – animal abusers need to face severe punishment – it is out of control and those who have the authority to send these bastards away for a long, long time give them little to no punishment – we need HARSH laws but they get stuck in legislation and never get passed. The judicial system for animal cruelty is non-existent.

  3. Adrienne says:

    How hard is it to take a dog that may or may not be yours, and take him/her to a shelter? You just say you found the dog in a dumpster (which you technically did even if you are the one who did that). At the very least, the dog will get immediate treatment rather than may or may not be found. This dog was lucky, but others are not. Don’t want your dog/cat anymore, be a grown up and take it to a shelter where it has some chance of being adopted. Disgusting people who do this and their lives should be a living hell.

  4. Red says:

    Hope you find the low life, sorry excuse for humans who inflicted such pain and abuse on this poor baby. IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TREAT YOUR PET AS A FAMILY MEMBER…….

  5. Linda Marie says:

    If anyone has information on Iris’s abuser, please speak up. Iris suffered unimaginable pain. She is a sweet, innocent, defenseless dog that didn’t deserve such horrific neglect! I hope the lowlife coward that treated her so badly is found and punished to the fullest extent of the law!


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