Reward climbs to $32k for info about dog with nose and ears chopped off

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The Michigan Humane Society’s reward climbs to $32,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for brutally disfiguring a brown and tan Rottweiler found near Livernois and Warren on Detroit’s southwest side. The dog was spotted wandering along the street on Tuesday with his ears, nose and tail chopped off.baron the dog with missing nose 2

According to the Michigan Humane Society’s latest update, the extremely friendly and calm dog has been dubbed Baron.

“He is so calm; he just seems to take it all in,” stated Kathy Bilitzke, the marketing and communications director for MHS. “If you look at those eyes, there’s a lot of soul there. We thought Baron was a fitting name.”

On January 17, a concerned citizen who saw the dog in the area with his serious injuries, contacted the MHS. A rescue team raced to the site, found the Rottweiler mix and rushed him back to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit. Once there, the shelter’s veterinarian staff immediately began assessing the animal’s injuries and working to make him comfortable.  Mark Ramos, a lead investigator for the organization stated an unknown culprit purposely maimed the dog. And now just days later, Baron is reported to be doing quite well. Kathy Bilitzke’s report continued:Baron the dog with missing nose

“…He’s receiving antibiotics, pain medication and healthy food. He’s definitely underweight. The veterinarians are working on a treatment plan for him that will hopefully include reconstructive surgery for his nose.”

It is unknown how Baron’s sense of smell has been affected, however the surgery is necessary to prevent infections since his nasal cavity is open and could invite bacteria causing a dangerous situation.

The MHS has received an “overwhelming” number of tips and investigators are continuing their search while canvassing the neighborhood for more clues. Anyone with information is asked to call the MHS hotline now at (313) 872-3401. Donations can be made here. Please note there have been several GoFundMe pages sprouting up. MHS does not endorse any created page or guarantee the validity of pages already in existence.

Photo of Rottweiler found with ears and nose chopped off  reward climbs courtesy of Michigan Humane Society.

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  1. Hang in there ANGEL! The Monster(s) who did this horrific cruelty to you will get what’s coming to them Society sucks sucks! KARMA

  2. It’s too bad a reward needs to be offered for something that anyone who had a conscience would do for free, turn in a POS that did this sort of thing.

  3. I love you you are so strong don’t give up on him his life matters please help him .Sorry people suck angel hopefully they will get theirs

  4. When they get caught; they should have their nose, ears, and part of their rectum cut out with no anesthesia…!! An eye for an eye…!! Heartless bastards…!!

  5. Nobody can make sense out of horrific acts of cruelty like this. Poor baby. We can only hope that these cruel individuals are found & harsh justice is brought to them.

  6. Bravo ! Please don’t give up until you find out the truth about who committed this act of terror practiced over an innocent creature.

  7. I wonder if they can use cadaver tissue and do a nose transplant using tissue from like one of the local shelters tht has to euthanize a similar size dog.


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