Update after dog dumped from car

Resolution after dog dumped out of car in Tampa

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Animal lovers were heartbroken when they watched video footage of someone who dumped a dog out of their car in Tampa, Florida. The dog, a male pit bull, was discarded by someone driving a Chevrolet Cavalier in a South Seminole Heights neighborhood in August. Though the good Samaritan who caught the sad situation on video tried to capture the abandoned dog, they were unsuccessful…the dog tried to chase after the person who had thrown him aside and then he disappeared.

Finally, after weeks of searching, there is resolution. The dog has been found and the owner has been arrested. On November 12, the Search for Sassy Facebook page updated followers:

A very happy update on the dog dumped in Tampa. The car has been found, the owner has been found, the dog has been found and is safe with the Hillsborough County’s Pet Resource Center.

The dog, since dubbed Tiger, is now available for adoption and his former owner has been permanently banned from owning and possessing animals in Hillsborough County.

Tiger needs one more thing for this to be a true happily-ever-after…a home. Anyone interested in giving Tiger a home is asked to contact the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center at 813-744-5660.

Prior article about Tiger here.

(Image via Search for Sassy Facebook page)

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6 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    The POS owner NEEDS Banned from owning a PET of any kind anywhere in the USA!!! Hopefully tiger will find a good home as he is a very nice looking dog!!!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    This subhuman got NOTHING but banned from owning animals? And WHO is going to stop him? No one that’s who – he can get another dog anytime he wants and will most likely do the same thing again – This bastard needs to be sitting in a jail cell being victimized daily by some predatory inmates – OR taken for a long ride to the everglades, hogtied and thrown in – all he is good for is gator lunch.

  3. maxiemom says:

    The ‘owner’ needs to be tossed into the middle of the Florida Everglades without the benefit of a boat, only his feet to get him out.

    If he makes it out alive, great! That’s the EXACT chance he gave Tiger, who was lucky not to have been killed by a car right away.

  4. Adrienne says:

    People are beyond stupid. Don’t they realize that there actions are noticed by others and most times acted on. What a morn. Could have taken the dog to a shelter and at least he would have been safe. Now guy has been arrested and can’t own dogs, permanently banned .

  5. vicki hood says:

    Good job!!. Please get him a good home. I am clear on the other side of the states so i can’t do anything for him. He is a special case so please do not put him on the euth list at any time. He’s been through enough. Glad his dumper/ owner was prosecuted. Person. that reported because of his dash cam is a special angel. He must have had good communication with the police for the police to do such a responsible job. Good work all of you.


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