Small dog shot in his owner's yard

Residents outraged after small dog shot in his own backyard

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Residents in a Canyon Lake, California, neighborhood are outraged after a family’s small dog was shot in his owner’s backyard. According to KTLA News, the Yorkshire terrier, named “Deuce,” sustained injuries on Saturday night which proved to be fatal.

Deuce belonged to the Kerker family, who suspects that one of their neighbors is behind the cruel act. The family is not alone – their neighbors believe that a man who has complained about Deuce’s barking in the past is behind the shooting and they have shown up outside of the resident’s house to protest the shooting. The accused neighbor, who has not been named, told a KTLA News crew:

I don’t put dogs above people, I put people above dogs. If a dog is excessively barking it has to be dealt with, one way or the other.”

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Without hard evidence, the authorities have stated that proving the man’s guilt will be difficult – if an investigation does reveal that he is responsible for the small dog’s death, he could face a penal code violation for “maliciously and intentionally” maiming, wounding or killing an animal.

(Photos screenshots via KTLA News)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If he had a problem with the dog barking, then there are other ways to solve the problem. You don’t take the matter into your own hands and kill someone’s pet. I wasn’t there so I don’t know if these people were leaving their dog outside to bark constantly or whether they are just the target of this POS neighbor who would blame any barking on their dog (I’ve been in that position). I’m glad the neighbor’s are standing behind them, may be the POS will be harassed enough that he moves! He needs to be charged if for nothing more than discharging a firearm in a residential area!

  2. MARLIES RENEE says:

    Sounds to me like he or they are humans that need to be dealt with for having a big mouth as well, any human who would say that needs to be shot. I put animals above myself because they need it,

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    IN this Case ( this Vile Buzzard Vomit of a Man) as much as admitted what he did!!! He SOULD RIGHTFULLY BE SHUNNED BY HIS ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD UNTIL he is SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN HIS OWN SKIN HE LEAVES!!! It’s not against the law to place posters of the untimely death of this little dog, nor is it against the Constitution for the family to Speak Out about this Horrific Incident! Put an article in the Area Newspaper, speak to the local News Stations to let other people in the area be aware!!! I follow the adage “AN Eye for An Eye” they may not be able to charge him but HIS LIFE CAN BECOME HIS OWN LIVING HELL ON EARTH!!!!!

  4. Althea Armstrong says:

    So sad! How cruel people can be! When living in a neighborhood you have to deal with many things, if you don’t like it move to the countryside.

  5. Deborah J. says:

    Whether anyone puts people above animals or NOT. There is no justification to shoot a dog over barking. Next thing you know they will be shooting children for making noise in their own backyard. The dog’s owner should have been notified of the dog’s barking, NOT take matters in their own hands and shoot the dog. This person who shot the dog is a danger to society. This shooter won’t just stop at shooting a barking dog mark my words, this person will shoot a human for making noise. This dog was s small dog and did not pose a threat to the public. This person who shot the dog needs to be found. Step up and find this sorry a== person is using an excuse to shoot over a little dog.

  6. Darla says:

    I would bet my next paycheck that the POS neighbor did it based on what he said. He puts people above dogs….you know what? I don’t because people can be horrible. Dogs are NEVER horrible. RIP sweet pup.


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