Rescuers crawl under deserted trailer to save homeless dog with mangled leg

In Dowdy Ferry, located in south Dallas, rescuers crawled underneath the foundation of a trailer to save a homeless dog whose leg was mangled and nearly hacked away after she was struck by a vehicle. According to an area resident, dog, dubbed Lydia, who had battle scars all over her body, had been in the area for a few months desperately trying to survive. It seems no one wanted her or thought about giving her a home, and so she slept and waited under a trailer.

That is until:

  “a couple of days ago she was hit by a car, and left for dead on these unforgiving streets. She found her way back to underneath the trailer home where she had been living with a mangled, hacked off leg that has slowly been decomposing, collecting dirt, gravel , rocks and sticks in the open wound. Her other limbs have also sustained injuries, gashes, cuts, infected open wounds, and we are unsure how she’s possibly walking!
She also has ulcers in her mouth which is from something toxic she ingested due to being starved to near death . This toxic substance most likely has affected her kidneys . She has been rushed to the Emergency Hospital for medical emergency care.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have stepped forward for Lydia. Tragically the 30-pound emaciated, dehydrated and anemic dog is also heartworm positive with possible tick disease, yet through her pain and agony, she remains sweet and friendly.


Just 24 hours after arriving at the emergency hospital, Lydia’s condition remains critical. Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization updated advocates about the dog’s condition:

“She is close to being in septic shock due to her severely infected hacked off leg whereby the infection has seeped into her blood cells. Our medical team is doing everything possible to combat this by administering IV antibiotics and fluids and constantly cleaning and re-bandaging the infected wound. Lydia is not stable for leg amputation at this moment, but it looks like that leg will need amputation.  Her present medical condition complicates her recovery. Lydia is very weak.”

The rescue has promised to do everything medically possible to save this dog’s life. Lydia is a victim of  being homeless; she remains sweet and gentle even after the abuse and torture she has endured throughout her life. Donations are needed to cover her very expensive medical care now and in the foreseeable future. 


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Warning: Some photos are extremely graphic and not suitable for all viewing audiences. Photos and video of Lydia with a mangled leg courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)