Rescued: Street dog encased in metal drum of tar

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Every year Animal Aid Unlimited rescues thousands of street dogs in India with the help of the community. The rescue of a sweet street dog encased in a metal drum of tar may have been one of the more challenging and heartbreaking cases volunteers and staff members had ever seen.Tar dog 2

Near the city of Udaipur, an emergency call came in about the trapped dog in barrel of tar who had presumably been stuck there for days. When the rescue team arrived, the dog was so frightened she had been hyperventilating and could only blink her eyes. She had probably tried to hide inside of the drum searching for warmth, and it is believed her body heat melted the tar which she sank into and then could no longer move. By the time the rescuers arrived, the dog had given up and seemed as if she was just waiting to die.tar dog 7

As much as they tried, the men could not remove the dog,  they cut open the top and carried her in the drum to the rescue’s hospital. For the next hour, they soaked her in vegetable oil and slowly were able to loosen her unthinkable prison until they were able just to remove her from the barrel. And then for the next several hours, the dog dubbed Asha (Hope in Hindi) was massaged with the vegetable oil until she was finally free of all the tar.

“She was so firmly stuck in the drum that after removing the top with a metal cutter, we had to bring the entire drum in the ambulance back to Animal Aid’s shelter,” the group posted on Facebook.  “Her raging thirst made us realize she must have been several days stuck, head first in the drum with the heat of the sun excruciating as the black drum became hotter and hotter. We named her Asha because against all odds, she wouldn’t give up.”

Watch this incredible rescue below. To donate and help more innocent lives be saved, please click here.

Photos and video of Asha encased in metal drum of tar courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.

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  1. Cathy Rolley says:

    Oh my God, that poor dog what she has been through.Thank you so very much for helping to save her.Thank you for all you do.I can’t afford to make a donation now but when I can I will to the people who help with rescues.

  2. Sherry says:

    Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the places I donate to regularly. They do tremendous work in India rescuing animals in the worst conditions you can imagine. The rescue stories always make me so emotional. They take seemingly hopeless cases and turn them into success stories. They are wonderful.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Agree! I also donate to Animal Aid UnLtd India. The same applies for Victor Larkshill’s Let’s Adopt rescue organisation.

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      You’ve got me thinking Sherry. I’ll have a search on him to see if he really is legit. He did mention that his rescue op is registered in the Netherlands and that his real name is not Victor. However, I watch all his videos and see he has a connection with the medical staff at the hospital in Valencia. I understand that a vet business like this requires funds even though his is supposedly non-profit. He does interact with his ”followers” on screen that is why I supported him. He takes long journeys to save an animal. If you hear or read anything further Sherry, pls keep me updated, ta !

  3. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    I don’t believe that dog crawled in there on her own as the story states. She was burned down to her skin. Some child of Satan put her in there. India has very high rates of animal abuse. That’s why this rescue group is so amazing.

      • Sherry says:

        Catherine Staffy…be careful about Viktor larkhill. I too, was a regular supporter of him until last week when I read some things about him being involved in scams. It made me really question him. They showed reports in which he was describing the same incident happening Very often; about an animal being thrown from the FIFTH story of a building every time. His name is Oscar something and there are complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Just google him and fraud or scams. It was enough to make me stop donating even though I will be sick if I find out he is totally legit. He sure seemed legit. I was a huge fan so I’m torn. But I just want to make sure I’m giving money to someone who is actually rescuing. Glad to meet someone as passionate about these extreme rescues as I am!

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