Rescued: Puppy stuck in 292 feet deep well for 10 days

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The puppy who spent the last 10 days in a narrow but deep well in the Beykoz Dereseki neighborhood of Turkey has been rescued reports the Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi. Fire crews had been working non stop trying to save the  puppy who fell into an old 292-feet-deep old well, but the depth of the well and narrow width made the endeavor almost saved from well 2

The Beykoz Fire Department had erected a tent and enclosure to protect emergency personnel from the snow and the blasting winds as they feverishly worked to save the pooch dubbed Kuyu. An underwater camera monitored his movements on the bottom of the deep well. Personnel had been lowering food and water. Even a heating system was installed to keep him warm.

 Dog saved from wellWhat really helped and made the rescue of the dog possible were the students from Bahçeehir Science and Technology High School who developed a robotic arm. The instrument was lowered into the hole and was able to safely grab the pup and raise him up to the surface. Loud cheers emanated from the crowd as Kuyu was brought up. After having been transported to a local veterinarian hospital for a complete examination, there was even more good news. It seems the Beykoz Fire Department has officially adopted Kuyu!

Many thanks to the rescuers who worked tirelessly to save this puppy and a special bow of gratitude to the students who developed the instrument to enable the pooch’s safe rescue.

Original story here.

(Photos of puppy saved from deep well courtesy of Beykoz Fire Department)

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  1. YAY for a good story. Love to balance out these horror stories with these great, heroic rescue stories. Kudos to the kind team that exercised such kindness and patience in this rescue. Again, yay!

  2. It’s wonderful that the outcome for this puppy is a happy one! The reality is that stray dogs are tortured and killed in the Middle East! They are rountinely poisoned! The plight of strays in this part of the world is horrific!

  3. Praise God!!! What a miracle. A million thanks to the rescue personnel that didn’t give up on what looked like an impossible mission.

  4. I have been trying to find more information as to whether this baby was rescued or left to die on his own. How really fantastic that a community came together to save an animal, and the children building the robotic arm!! So happy this fur baby is out <3


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