Dog had genitalia removed to save his life

Rescued dog undergoes genitalia removal to save his life

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One week ago, a German shepherd mix was left at the Chicago Animal Care and Control facility by the only family that he had ever known. The dog, Bishop, was in extreme pain and he was at risk of being put down.

Bishop’s life was spared when Woof Gang Rescue stepped forward to pull him from the animal control agency. According to the Journal Times, Bishop had severely painful bladder stones and he was in distress. The news got worse for the suffering dog – a veterinarian who treated the rescued dog told Jodie Hoffmann-Ruffalo, the rescue group’s executive director, that efforts to remove the stones were unsuccessful.

The rescue group was left with two options…both extreme. One option was to humanely euthanize the seven-year-old dog and end his suffering. The other was a surgery to remove his penis and reroute his urine flow…making him pee like a female dog.

Option two was selected and Bishop successfully underwent the expensive surgery – he no longer has his penis and he has a new name, Bishy. Some people have criticized the rescue group for opting for an expensive surgery to save “just one dog,” but Hoffmann-Ruffalo thinks that Bishy is worth it.

Click here to find the fundraiser to help pay for Bishy’s life-saving surgery.

(Photo via YouCaring)

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9 replies
  1. Darla says:

    How can you put a price on a dog’s life? If the money is available and the surgery is expected to resolve the issue, then go for it! He’s a handsome pup.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    WTG Woof Gang Rescue! I had the same operation done on my cat because he was prone to urinary crystals and kept getting blocked. Never regretted it and he’s never had an issue since! Still kept his name Romeo though!

  3. Colleen U Jones says:

    I also had this surgery done for my cat, Spencer. Afterwards, he was 100% fine and never suffered again. It was definitely worth it!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Some people who criticized Bishy’s life saving operation have horse manure for brains – Bishy is alive and that is the bottom line. Giant THANK YOU to Woof Gang Rescue for stepping up and saving Bishy’s life – you saved a life and are heroes. Now all he needs is a safe loving home.

  5. pamela bolton says:

    You wouldn’t complain if it WAS YOUR LIFE THAT THEY WERE SAVING. Shame on these HUMANS that don’t think it is worth it. ALL LIFE is worth it.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    I hope the assholes spewing the criticism do not own pets…..even a goldfish!!! It’s these kind of heartless waste of human flesh that add to the cruel,insensitive,unforgivable mistreatment and death of innocent animals…..they should STFU and hang their heads in shame! And when their time comes may God grant zero mercy on their souls,which should be pretty easy since they have no soul,heart or brain! I have read about this type of surgery many times on other rescue sites and thank God it’s an alternative to euthanasia!!! ❤️A million THANK YOU’S to WOOF GANG RESCUE❤️ AND GOD BLESS WOOF GANG RESCUE FOR THEIR KINDNESS AND COMPASSION FOR THIS VERY DESERVING FUR BABY????????❤️ GET WELL SOON BEAUTIFUL BISHY❤️


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