Rescued: Dog and koala stuck in abandoned mine shaft

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In what the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services in Australia have called an “unusual” rescue, a dog and a koala bear were pulled to safety after getting themselves stuck in an abandoned mine shaft in Ipswich on Saturday. Rescue crews employed the use of animal bags, nets and ropes to hoist the pair out of the shaft in Rosewood.

According to 9News, the rescue crew consisted of firefighters and the RSPCA, but the initial problem centered around the shaft being too dangerous for the crews to be sent down. Fortunately the rescuers were full of original ideas, and the dog was pulled to safety first. His frightened owner stood by, and when the pooch was hoisted up with the rope, he was then sent off to a veterinarian for emergency treatment.

And then came the battle to save the koala who was being less than cooperative. Feared the animal was blind, crews were finally forced to trap the koala in a net, however the sprightly little guy had other ideas. Instead of being ensnared in the net and brought up to safety, the koala used the net to climb out on his own. He is currently in the care of the RSPCA.

(Photo screenshot via 9News)

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