Rescue efforts continue for puppy stuck in 292-feet-deep well

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Rescuers have not given up trying to save a Kangal puppy who fell into an old 292-feet-deep old well in the Beykoz, Istanbul district. Monday marks the eighth day efforts to save the guard dog have continued. Meanwhile food and water are being lowered into the hole by rope to keep the dog alive until he can be lifted to safety.Daily Sabah

According to the Daily Sabah, local rescuers and animal advocates have been stymied by the lack of specialized equipment. On Sunday, the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority arrived at the scene and were able to erect a tent over the area to ease the harsh weather conditions of the area as rescuers struggle to help.

Rescuers are attempting to lower a rope and get a hold of the dog with a net to safely lift him up to the surface. A camera is monitoring the dog. At least 15 men are doing their best to help.

Photos of rescuers trying to save dog from 292-feet-deep well screenshots via the Daily Sabah.

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  1. Ave says:

    So it has been EIGHT (8) DAYS that the poor puppy has been stuck in this 292 feet deep well and all these men, whom I assume are of professional rescue, have not been able to come up with a solution to bring this puppy up to the surface? Dear God almighty, please don’t let this puppy die suffocated. Why don’t they tie a rope around one of the men’s feet and lower him down the well to the puppy, tie a rope around the dog’s front legs and pull the puppy up? I hope they come up with a solution to get this puppy out of the deep well SOON! May God enlighten these men with a superior plan quickly to save this precious innocent pup. I’m sure this puppy is very frightened and doesn’t understand why he’s in such a deep whole? SMDH 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Darla says:

      In looking at the picture, it appears the hole might be too small for a man to be lowered, even head first, to get to the dog. I hope that’s not the case – I know looks can be deceiving.

      • Darla says:

        I just clicked on the news link. The hole is 30 centimeters wide – that’s 11.811 inches which would be far too narrow for a human. 🙁

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