Rescue dogs brought in on zipline to save victims of Chinese landslide

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In a deadly landslide in the Xinmo village in Mao County, China, a rescue dog was brought in using a zipline to help search for survivors. Ten bodies have been recovered and rescuers continue to search for 93 missing people after the landslide in the country’s southwest section devastated the village.

According to the Daily Mail, three people including a couple and their one-month-old infant were rescued on Saturday. The parents are in stable condition, however the baby has been sent to intensive care with pneumonia induced by inhaling mud. It is suspected the landslide had been the result of recent, heavy rains. As excavators removed tons of rubble, rescue dogs and their human companions searched for signs of life. Tragically, experts say the chances of anyone else surviving are slim. 

Although landslides have occurred before in the area, the size of this one was unprecedented. Described as 18 million cubic meters of earth and rock tumbling down the mountainside (636 million cubic feet), some of it fell as high as a mile from the ground blocking out a mile of road and river. Villagers were composed of 46 families who were mainly  farmers and did not have the money to move away to a safer zone. Efforts have been underway by the government targeting the poverty of the community; trying to improve conditions to attract tourists to the nearby ancient village of Xinhua and its once beautiful landscape. All tourists were evacuated safely.

The United Nations has offered help and U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, while offering  condolences issued a statement that,

 “salutes the efforts of the national relief and recovery teams. The United Nations stands ready to support the authorities in any way it can if needed.”

(Photo of rescue dog on zipline  screenshot via Facebook and Reuters)

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11 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Amazing that the Chinese people eat dogs and now it’s the dogs that are saving the people. I don’t know if I would be able to do that.

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    They have a lot of nerve to use a dog to help! Are they going to torture and eat it when it’s done locating survivors? Really pisses me off!!

  3. Janie Ledergerber says:

    If I was a dog, I would say no way. The way they treat dogs and then expect them to save the lives of other Chinese!?! Really!?! The dog better hide because the barbaric Chinese will celebrate being rescued by eating the poor dog who rescued them. No loss in my book. The dog is worth more than all of the Chinese put together.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    Now end the yulin dog meat festival and re home , re job and train all the refugees for search and rescue and to take care of china growing senior population. And stop being such jerks about it.

  5. Sherry says:

    Wonderful dogs rescuing humans; while humans continuously abandon, neglect, abuse and kill them. I’m ashamed of humans and the lack of humanity we have towards other creatures. It disgusts me. Yes, CAN YULIN END ALREADY> frickin barbarians.


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