Renton man accused of stabbing his dog at least a dozen times

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A Renton, Washington man is currently being held in custody in lieu of $75,000 bail after authorities claim he stabbed his dog more than a dozen times and burned his pet rabbit alive. The five-year-old black Labrador retriever, named Lola, is alive and is currently recovering from surgery on reported deputies from the King County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday morning. 

According to Q13Fox News, on October 20, deputies responded to the home of Christopher McCabe, 37, after his estranged wife reported seeing photos of the family dog in a bathtub covered in blood posted on Instagram.  Deputies found Lola in the bathtub and stated she appeared to have been stabbed on her face, legs and body with a pitchfork and a knife which had been attached to a flagpole. In the backyard, authorities found the family’s pet rabbit had been burned to death in a fire pit in the backyard.

Lola was rushed to the Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital where she underwent surgery.

When authorities caught up to McCabe, he was reported not to have shown any remorse; telling deputies that “God had  given him insight and that dogs contained evil spirits and referenced a scripture in the Bible – Matthew 8:31 which is when Jesus cast demons out of man and into a herd of pigs.”

McCabe has been charged with two counts of first degree  animal cruelty.

(Photos of Renton man arrested and photos of Lola via screenshots from Fox and Instagram)







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  1. PLEASE tell me that this ugly, blasphemous, deranged sadist will do some hard time, pay all expenses for the rehabilitation of his dog and that he will be forbidden to own or care for any animal for the rest of his sorry life.

  2. What a POS. Let’s stab him multiple times and then burn him alive. I hope Lola finds a new home that will treat her like the great dog she is.

    • I agree, it sounds like this POS is the one that “contains evil spirits” (probably drugs). Stabbing and burning sounds quit appropriate!

  3. God!!! What an Evil and diabolical nitwit!!! We need him running around in society like we do the ‘Plague”!!! this should have been charges of murder and attempted murder of a domestic animal… no if’s and’s or but’s.. the authorities need to get serious with these Psychopaths!!!

  4. I think the death penalty by stabbing then burning would be appropriate. An eye for an eye scumbag! Future serial killer

  5. Its about time all pets get chiped and have social workers to check on their well being.
    or every social worker has to be trained to also check up on family pets. A system must be set up where all domestic animal food helps monator chipped animals as a cross referance when an owner buys food. why not they are paying for food with a credit or debit card its already loged and noted in numourous data bases. if they can do it with perscriptions then it can be done with large and small pet food distributers as well as catagory Pet food buyers.
    You tell me why this cant be done. Do it now.

  6. Put him in jail and let the inmates wipe that smirk off his face plus “rough him up a bit”. These are people that should not be among normal people but instead dropped off on an island where they can all go after each other.

  7. Prosecution–heavy prosecution. We need to show public involvement in the courts. Everything, everyone is in danger. A psycho pill is not going to fix this piece of waste. Put him on a work crew, make his keeper pay for his incarceration and all bills concerning the poor dog. It’s too late for the tortured and killed rabbit. Christopher McCabe can never be around animals or alone with any people again.

  8. Hopefully $75,000 bail will keep him locked up – then set the predatory inmates on his punk white ass – let them have a party – his BS about the Bible is just a damn cover up for his vile cruelty and I hope no judge pays any attention to it – it is way past time for judges, DAs, cops and all authorities involved step up and DO SOMETHING – this asshole needs to be sitting in prison for a long time – no plea deals – his cruel actions speak for themselves – he is dangerous and needs to be put away.


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