Reindeer tangled in rope drowning in sea rescued by woman walking her dog

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What a strange sight Emma Ridley thought when she spotted what she thought was a cow drowning in the sea at Sandy Bar in Exmouth, Devon, United Kingdom on Friday. Moments later, Emma was shocked when she noticed the antlers – it was a reindeer being pulled under the waves. The animal had become entangled with rope and debris that was dragging him under the water.

According to the Mirror, Emma, who had been out walking her dog, slipped off her sneakers and using her car keys, cut the reindeer free of the lines that entangled him. The animal had been exhausted; no one knew how long he had been in the freezing water, but when Emma and others helped the animal to shore, they wrapped him in their jackets to help warm him up.

Dubbed Buddy, the grateful reindeer was taken to the RSPCA’s wildlife rehabilitation center in West Hatch. The young deer was kept warm with heat lamps, but a few hours later he died. On the Facebook page of the Exmouth Community UK, Emma posted:

“The RSPCA did all they could but poor Buddy passed away in the night peacefully. I am so sorry… The vet said roe deer do not handle distress well, and we have no idea how long he had been in the sea for.”

Emma asked that everyone keep the magic of Christmas alive by telling their children that Buddy flew off to the North Pole to help Santa get ready for Christmas.

“All I know is that there was so much love on the beach on Friday, and it was heart warming watching everybody pull together. Buddy was very much loved in his final hours.”

And so we should all be reminded of the message Emma wants to send; it is one of putting an end to the “selfishness of pollution.” More than likely, trash thrown into the ocean caught up with this young reindeer and pulled him out to sea. Every man, woman and child needs to share the responsibility of keeping our environment clean and safe. We share this earth with wildlife, and they should not have to be the victims of man’s sloppy habits.

Rest in peace Buddy.

(Photos of reindeer drowning via Emma Ridley and the Mirror.)

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  1. Darla says:

    It looks like a lot of fishing line to me….there’s tons of it in the ocean. I’m sorry to hear that Buddy died but unfortunately I’m not too surprised as I’ve heard that deer are easily stressed. RIP Buddy.


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