Rare moonfish dies while idiotic fishermen argue whether to throw it back into the sea

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Fishermen from the Russian island of Iturup spent the day arguing about a 1.2 ton rare moonfish – whether or not to throw it back into the Pacific Ocean. by the time they finished arguing, the creature had died.

According to the Siberian Times, fishermen caught the fish on September 9 off the South Kuril island and local fishermen couldn’t ever remember having ever seen a moonfish so large. After it died, the men brought the warm-blooded fish to the port where it stayed for a few days until it started to rot and smell. Local scientists were extremely interested in examining the rare find, but the fishermen decided to feed the remains to wild brown bears at the spot where island fishermen leave discarded fish to keep the hungry bears from attacking their villagers.

An agreement has been made, however the next time one is caught to turn it over to the local scientific museum.

According to Google, the Opahs or more commonly known as moonfish are large colorful pelagic lampriform fish from the family Lampridae. It is the first fish discovered to have a warm heart – meaning it can keep most of its body consistency at a temperature above the water temperature.

What a tragedy that man cannot respect other living creatures.

(Photos via screenshots from Siberian Times)

Just in case you’re curious, here’s a video:


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