Puppy’s leg amputated after suspected animal cruelty

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An eight-month-old puppy had his leg amputated after the dog owner’s boyfriend became angry  after the pooch chewed up some of the couple’s belongings. According to the Moon Township Pennsylvania Police Department’s Chief Leo McCarthy told WpixNews, the puppy was just being a puppy and getting into mischief as puppies commonly do:

“The boyfriend was rather angry because the dog had torn the house up a little, like dogs do sometimes. Then he gave it an extremely powerful kick.”

The puppy, named Jinx, was removed from the home in Mooncrest last week. His rear right leg had been badly injured and was reported to have been broken even though the sweet puppy continued to wag his tail. Local animal rescuer, Jess Horvatin, was so angry about the apparent cruelty situation, she recorded a cellphone video of the abused puppy to make sure someone would be held accountable.

Sadly, veterinarians had to amputate the puppy’s leg, but he has already been re-homed and is reported to be recovering. Authorities state animal cruelty charges are pending although the suspect has not yet been named.

(Photo of puppy’s leg amputated via screenshot from WpixNews)

Get well soon Jinx. We hope you find some justice. Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.

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  1. POS, doing this to a puppy! The girlfriend better rethink her relationship with this monster! If he will do this to a puppy, eventually you will be the target when he becomes “rather angry”. I am glad the pup has found a new loving home, I hope they throw this POS in jail and toss away the key!

  2. My rescue group found a dog stabbed multiple times most likely with a screwdriver or ice pick. His leg shattered which has been amputated. He is fearful of humans due to the horror he faced. He has a long road ahead of him. Would like to get his story in public to find whoever hurt him.

  3. What’s wrong with this jackass? Puppies like to chew and this puppy is teething! There should have been toys good hard chewing toys! He is a cute baby doll! Please adopt or foster! Don’t let him die there!

  4. Poor innocent helpless puppy!! So sick of the cruel brutality inflicted on companion animals!! The judicial system in all 50 states need to start taking this horror needlessly inflicted on companion animals or we NEVER,EVER start to put a dent in the abuse and torture of innocent dogs and cats! This out of control BRUTE needs to be charge with FELONY animal cruelty,unless this is the one of many states that view the abuse as a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and probation,which is NO PUNISHMENT at all!!

  5. We don’t know the whole story so everyone should mind their own business and worry about their own disfunctional house holds

    • I take it you think this POS should get a pass for kicking a dog so hard his leg had to be amputated? Tell me what else do we need to know?

    • DUH! Animal cruelty is EVERYONE’S business – this piss poor example of a man beat up a defenseless dog and he should get a pass for it? HA! I hope this bastard gets exactly what he deserves – a severe dose of street justice.

    • Really? Just saw Tom Sussi’s broadcast. You’re in the company of a violent EX-CON who severly beat Jinx. Tells me a lot about you…….A POS!!!! What’s your story?

  6. Talona, what the fuck is your problem telling us to mind our own business? This poor innocent puppy had to have his leg amputated because some piece of shit coward kicked a helpless puppy so hard .He should have kicked you instead of the puppy.Are you his stupid ass girlfriend?..I don’t care what the puppy chewed,he didn’t deserved to be abused.It is our business innocent puppies can’t defend themselves so good kind people have to speak up for them you stupid idiot.I hope someone beats the shit out of you as well as the coward who did this.Our judges have to get tougher on these worthless scumbags.I am so glad that the puppy has a new home.I don’t understand why some people even bother to get an animal if they aren’t going to treat it right.They are just being dogs.If they want to beat on something get a punching bag not a puppy.

      • I don’t know but it wouldn’t surprise me or a relative maybe but whoever she is she needs to punished too.

    • Cathy Rolley, can’t see it. Maybe her comment disappeared like she should. She’s shady as fuck. Another POS guilty as the rest. Looks like she’s the one with a dysfunctional family. GUILTY BITCH

      • I saw it Andrew. Thank you! She’s the bitch who needs to watch what she says. Looks like she just gave herself up. Telling us to mind our business, and who said anything about anyone having a dysfunctional family? If the shoe fits wears it, you piece of shit, guilty as ur loser sidekick. And y u commenting anyways? Go take a shit cuz ur full of it.

  7. Sue, the comment where Talona wrote that we should mind our own business is the comment that I was talking about.That really pissed me off.When someone abuses an animal like that scumbag did it is our business.The animals that they hurt and kill need people to speak up for them and put pressure on the idiots who let them off easy.They say that the prisons are full well build more prisons for scumbags like this.Or just like them all against a wall and shoot them all we don’t need them in society.Or throw them in a cage with a hungry tiger.The tigers get a meal and we get rid of them.I hate people who do these horrible things to animals.And I think that whoever Talona is should be punished also.What more do we need to know.He caused a puppy so much pain and I care what the puppy chewed he didn’t deserve to be kicked you stupid bitch you should be sticking up for the puppy not some worthless coward.

    • Talona definitely is the damn girlfriend or side whore, defending that dirtbags ass. Throw them both off a fishing pier and let the sharks have at em. Nothing but pieces of shit, the both of them. ????????????????

  8. Talona you are lucky you aren’t in a room with the rest of us because we would rip your worthless evil body piece by piece apart.You and the evil coward who did this will get what you deserve one way or another.What goes around comes around.You stupid fucking worthless piece of shit.

  9. Is there a donation account set up for the new family caring for the puppy (and donations to the district attorney’s office for due justice) I am quite sure the vet did not give them a break on the cost.


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