Puppy wanders onto family’s porch with his leg tied to wooden strip

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In Anson County, North Carolina, a frightened and egregiously injured puppy wandered onto a homeowner’s porch with his front leg tied to a wooden strip. What may have started out as a puppy with a broken leg and obviously an unqualified person attempting to splint it, turned into a raging infection with necrotic tissue endangering the puppy’s life. Now dubbed Taz, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescued him on Friday evening just minutes after the rural shelter called asking for help.

“As you can see, his leg is tied to a piece of wood & had been for an extended period of time,” stated the organization’s co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan on their Facebook page.  “His leg was trapped like this for so long that the leg is severed where it was tied down with chips of bone floating & its infected and necrotic now! This poor baby has suffered immensely and that sickens us. The caller to Animal Control said the puppy showed up on their deck.”

Barely six-months old, the puppy was rushed to the organization’s emergency veterinarian partner where the severe necrosis will require Taz to have his leg amputated – simply because he was denied medical care weeks ago. The puppy is now on the strongest pain medication and intravenous fluids to stabilize him in preparation for surgery Saturday afternoon.

In the past few days, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have taken several medical emergency cases; they cannot continue their work helping some of the most serious cases without help. PayPal: [email protected] or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/ or mail: RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY NY 10028.

(Photos of puppy whose leg tied to wooden strip courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Last chance for owner surrendered dog. Please read his story and share his plight.Shelter dog out of time

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  1. Poor baby!!! If you can’t afford to take care of a dog you shouldn’t have one. Why didn’t the owner seek help from a vet? Maybe the vet could have allowed the owner to have a payment plan? Or at least surrender the pup to a shelter.

  2. If you cannot afford proper vet care and can’t get free help, call a rescue organization and surrender the pet for the pet’s sake! This dog did not have to lose his leg. Furthermore, if he hadn’t wandered away and been rescued, he would have died.

      • Tina – The story implies these were not the dog’s owners but people have certainly pulled scams to avoid legal repercussions.

  3. OMG!! What in the hell! I have no words!! I have tears in my eyes looking at this poor little soul! Thank God this baby was found and rescued!! God bless Taz

  4. I am so sick of all the donated money from across this country ALWAYS going to the fucked up southern states. Why should the rest of the country constantly be bailing out some asshole southerner that can torture anything at will and not suffer any consequences?!! FUCK THE SOUTH. GO MAKE YOUR OWN COUNTRY YOU SAVAGE BARBARIANS.

    • You must live in California, because no one on the East coast would be that ignorant. Look around the web sweety there is this kind of abuse and worse all over.

  5. This poor little dog unfortunately was in the hands of some asshole who couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of him. Taz deserved MUCH better and will now lose his leg due to a subhuman’s incompetence and/or irresponsibility – PLEASE help this little guy, he desperately needs the safe loving home some jerkoff denied him.


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