Puppy suffers broken leg after man throws it over fence

In Okeechobee, Florida, authorities are searching for the man who threw a six-month-old puppy over the fence. A man, driving a four-door pickup truck, pulled up to a fenced in area at animal control on Tuesday and threw the dog over the fence. When discovered, the dog had suffered a broken leg. She has since undergone surgery.man-throws-puppy-over-fence-2

According to the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, on January 3, the truck driven by a stocky Hispanic male arrived at the Okkeechobee Sheriff’s Office Animal Control, backed up to the fenced area and threw the puppy over the six-foot high fence topped with barbed wire. During the week, the area is used as a play area for dogs. The exceptionally sweet, female puppy, described as a Cur mix, sustained a rear broken leg. The shelter’s video showed her lying in the yard all night with her broken leg and no food or water until she was discovered early the next morning by shelter staff.man-throws-puppy-over-fence

Nala’s New Life Rescue has stepped up to care for the pup, now dubbed Jenny. Her leg was repaired at the expense of the foster home who is caring for Jenny, however the animal advocate is in no financial position to pay for the surgery. To help, donations can be made by clicking here.

The suspect’s truck is described as a Ford, two tone dark blue/gold on bottom. Anyone identifying this person or the truck is asked to call Deputy Rusty Hartsfield at 863.763.3117.

(Photos of puppy thrown over the fence with broken leg courtesy of Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office and Nala’s New Life Rescue.)

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Check out sweet Jenny’s video.


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  1. Catherine Staffy says:

    Poor love. I never seize to be amazed at some peoples’ lack of decency and affection for animals. Cruelty to them comes in stages from the indifferent to the utterly horrific. Many times the animal kingdom will never have rest from mistreatment from the human. It is utterly unacceptable.

  2. Emma williams says:

    There was know need for the POS to do that. I think he wanted to he could’ve came when they where open. Ass hole

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    That poor pup, I hope they find the POS that saw fit to throw a dog over a 6ft fence. He needs to be held responsible for the vet bills, and never be allowed a pet again!

  4. Edward says:

    He’s not a person you should respect and if I ever saw him do that I take him and throw him over the f****** fence and make sure I land on his f****** head

  5. susispot says:

    Another dumba$$. When will these boneheads grow a heart. I guess we have to be happy he didn’t dump the dog in the woods.

  6. susispot says:

    If this pup is in fact a Black Mouth Cur dog, I can personally recommend this breed. Smart and very brave. Mine saved my life from a horrible person. They are bred to hunt lion and bear so they have a lot of “heart”. Whomever takes this sweet girl in will not be disappointed. Just forget the hunting please?

  7. Darla says:

    She is so cute…and so calm! She’s going to make someone a very faithful and loving companion. I hope they catch the POS who dumped her.

  8. Star Shelley says:

    Lord what a horrible human being and coward to throw this poor soul over the fence, I hope Krama follows him. They are such cowards, you would think they could have walk her in to the shelter ans said I don’t want her. But NO ! coward piece of shit. I volunteer at a shelter and couple of days ago somebody threw over the fence 3 beautiful baby pups. Lucky they wee not hurt.


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