Puppy shares his blanket with stray dog on cold night

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An eight-month-old rescued puppy from Brazil remembers what it had been like to be a homeless and cold stray. Lana had been part of a litter that rescuers pulled from the streets months ago. Quickly adopted by Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiance, Lana has all the love and affection he could ever have wished for, but sometimes memories die slowly and perhaps for many good reasons.

In a Facebook post, Suelen tells the story of Lana. Settling in for the night on Monday, in his cozy doghouse in the family’s front yard, Suelen brought out a thicker blanket for the puppy’s comfort. On Tuesday morning, however when Suelen and her fiance stepped out to head to work, a picture spoke a thousand words. Lana had dragged his blanket to the edge of the fenced yard. A stray dog who lived on the streets had  pulled part of the blanket through the iron railings of  the fence and cuddled up; Lana on one side and the stray pooch on the other side.

“Earlier today was the picture of the picture!
Seeing the friend without a home and cold Lana will not did to share the deck. He took it to the fence and offered his friend a piece.
Each one on one side of the fence, but the two hot ones.
I swear that when I saw that record I moved. I was appalled ( emotionally moved) by such generosity,” wrote Suelen. [translated from Portuguese]

Does it therefore ask the question if a dog can “be more sympathetic and rational” than humans? How many times do we ignore problems pretending they don’t exist? Lana’s owner is overwhelmed by her dog’s “moral lesson.” More than 6,000 comments opined how animals teach us important messages of kindness. And indeed we do learn from our dogs; thus the reason they are called our “best friends.”

As for the stray dog who shared Lana’s blanket on Monday evening, he has since been rescued.

(Photo of Lana  and the stray via Facebook)

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13 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Barkley’s Mom, That’s what i was thinking. Lana was so sweet. Another thought was why wasn’t the outside dog allowed in the yard as a rescue and possible buddy for Lana? Lana is one precious baby and needs to be part of the household.

  2. Linda Novak says:

    In some households and cultures, the pets live outside. Many of my neighbors are of different cultures. Some only regard a dog or cat as just a pet that remains outside​. Some don’t consider them part of the family, just something they own. I’d never let my babies live outside. I don’t consider them my “belongings” or merely just a dog or cat. IMO, there is no wrong or right when it comes to how a pet is considered in a household. My only concern is if they aren’t being treated well, not fed, no attention, no love or just being abused.
    At least Lana is loved and I guess in his household that is a good thing. I hope maybe Lana’s new family learn it’s okay to let their 4 legged “love” inside and really enjoy his presence and love as much as Lana deserves theirs.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Lovely story and glad the stray was rescued. Possibly the dog likes being in the dog house and also allowed inside too. Owners care about their dog, which is the important part of this story.


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