Puppy recovering from surgery after abuse leads to East Bay man’s arrest

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In Dublin, California, a nine-month-old puppy underwent reconstructive surgery on Thursday to repair her face after apparent abuse left her in immediate need of life saving veterinarian treatment. An East Bay man has been arrested in connection with the alleged animal abuse. Allie arrived at a local veterinary hospital on Monday in serious condition after concerned citizens found her. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office released a photo of the puppy with the following statement:

“We do see animal cruelty cases to different degrees,” stated Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly, ” but about a dozen times a year, a particular case that stands out will shock the conscience.”

Allie suffered from an open fracture of her temporomandibular (TMJ) joint, a missing tooth and extensive bruising across her back and hindquarters. She was rushed to the East County Animal Shelter in Dublin which initiated an animal cruelty investigation by officials. Joshua Taddac, 23, has been charged with felony animal cruelty and failure to care for a wounded animal. According to CrimeVoice, Tadduc is in custody at Santa Rita Jail, where he’s being held in lieu of $15,000 bond.

On Friday, Tri Valley Animal Rescue updated Allie’s condition after her surgery:

“Allie is out of surgery and in recovery. A Board Member from TVAR visited with Allie today and she was still a happy, waggy, affectionate girl. She has 17 pins and 2 plates on each side of her jaw (it was discovered during surgery that she had a second fracture to the other side of her jaw). But with all of that – She SO wanted to give kisses but figured out she needed to use her nose instead since she can hardly open her mouth

Allie is resting comfortably and rolling over for belly rubs (Dr’s words). It’s likely she will stay at the vet for the next day or two under observation and then to a loving foster home.”

Sheriff’s officials said they appreciated Tri-Valley Animal Rescue’s efforts alongside animal service technicians on Allie’s behalf; anyone who wishes to donate to help with her treatment and recovery can visit www.tvar.org and put “ALLIE” in the notes section of any donation.

(Photos of puppy recovering and East Bay man’s arrest via Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and TVAR)

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  1. Another POS that should be locked away from society! I suppose he will receive the traditional “slap on the wrist” when will the courts get it right?

  2. It always is baffling why the abuser is not responsible for the Vet Care, not only should the Prick Pay out of his own pocket he should be then put 10feet under with the fuckin maggots where he belongs!!

  3. Here we have yet another psychopath who belongs in prison for severe cruelty and abuse of an animal, nearly culminating in death. The entire vet bill needs to go directly to Taddac. He is the one who committed the heinous crime, and he is the one who should pay out of HIS pocket. If I were a judge, ALL perpetrators would be paying their victims, even while in jail earning pennies for hard labor. I will be surprised and delighted if this maniac gets anywhere close to the punishment he deserves for what he did to that poor pup. I will be contacting the court tomorrow to plead with the DA and the judge to do the right thing.

    • Please do Sandra that would be great. The pressure needs to be put on the DA to prosecute this scumbag to the fullest extent possible
      And even that wont be enough. He also should be ordered to pay restitution to the agency who paid for the surgery. Please keep us updated on what happens$

  4. Do NOT let this punk out. He needs his name on a national registry so that he may NEVER own, or live in the same home as a pet. He is a monster in disguise. Lock him up a minimum of 10 years, fine him a minimum of $10,000 + Make him pay for the surgery to reconstruct his damage.

  5. What kind of bloody joy does this kind of slime get out of abusing this puppy or any animal so bloody brave but until the laws change these poor pets large and small will sufferat the hands of cowards somthing has to be done and they should be made to pay all vet bills and be made to watch what the animal goes through to get well and then put in jail for a long time it is a crime to abuse a child it should be a crime to abuse an animal after all they are all helpless and MUST be looked after with the same care and love



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