Puppy found dead and dozens of dogs rescued from Kansas City misery

In Kansas City, Missouri,  dozens of dogs underweight, neglected and frightened were rescued on Thursday and are being cared for at the KC Pet Shelter, according to the organization’s Facebook posting. Earlier in the day, Kate Quigley, the director of the animal outreach group, Chain Of Hope, received a call about a female, shepherd-mix puppy found dead in a backyard.

According to Fox News, Kate went to an abandoned home near East 83rd Terrace and discovered the tragic plight of a young puppy.


“She looks to be less than a year old. I lifted its head back, and I could see it had an embedded collar in its neck, and so it died like that,” Quigley said.

Kate had no idea how long the puppy had been dead, but it had been tied in the backyard, and no one came to her assistance. It’s a sad thought how many people saw the pup running around or tied up and never reported her neglect or abuse.

Kansas City Animal Control seized the 24 dogs from a suspected puppy mill operation; 12 adult pit bulls and 12 puppies have been rescued. The dogs had been living amid raw sewage and other unsanitary conditions. At this time the shelter is at “critical capacity” and needs support from the community. These dogs are not available for adoption at this time.

 Donations are also critically needed to care for these new arrivals as their veterinary and long-term care will be very costly for the non-profit running the city’s shelter. Donations will go towards the dogs’ veterinarian and long-term care. Click here to help: http://donate.kcpetproject.org/24dogs.

Each new dog from this case will undergo extensive veterinary exams, and we are expecting their length of stay to be longer than other pets, due to the nature of this case. KC Pet Project is at critical capacity and need to move animals into homes ASAP. To view all of our adoptables and to sign up as a KC Pet Project foster, please go to www.kcpetproject.org.”

An update and video of the dogs receiving care and loving it has been posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

“From being chained in a backyard living in plastic drums, to getting belly rubs, food and shelter, our new arrivals from yesterday are getting a lot of attention from our staff. A total of 24 dogs and puppies were rescued from one home yesterday and are all now being cared for by our team at KC Pet Project. This girl wiggled with excitement the whole time she was getting her intake vaccinations done. The dogs are all sweet, but very scared – many need significant medical attention.”

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(Photos of dozens of dogs rescued in Kansas City via KC Project)

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why don’t people report this kind of abuse! How many people saw these dogs and the conditions they were living in and turned a blind eye to it! More people need to take notice and step up and report what is going on!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    WHEN will authorities wake up and put an end to these puppy mills? So many animals are either killed, abandoned or dumped in shelters when they are too old to reproduce and NOTHING is done. Whoever is responsible for the death of a puppy and allowed the other dogs to live in such horrific conditions needs a dose of their own medicine – they deserve to be nailed to a tree and left for mother nature to take care of.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hop[e they not only go after and arrest those who owned this house, but also do the same to them. Abuse and torture of any animal needs to be in jail for a long period of time. Too many people raising multiple dogs for their own profit to either sell or used as bait dogs or fighting dogs. This country and all in DC need to take these deaths just as serious as a human death because it has been shown that those who abuse animals go on to do the same to humans.


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