Update: ‘Puppy Doe’ trial scheduled to begin on Tuesday

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A Norfolk Superior Court judge on Monday rescheduled the trial for Oct. 24.

In Dedham, Massachusetts and around the world, animal lovers have been waiting for more than four years for justice for a two-year-old dog, dubbed “Puppy Doe” who had been so severely abused he had to be euthanized shortly after he was found clinging onto life at a nearby playground.

Radoslaw Czerkawski’s trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday, August 8. Czerjawski has pleaded not guilty, and suggests youngsters drinking in the park where the pup was found, were responsible for the abuse. The case, however  is scheduled Monday for trial assignment, meaning a judge may pick a new trial date reports NecnNews.

Nearly two weeks ago, Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office stated that jury selection in the trial of Czerkawski, has been postponed; Morrissey’s office posted a statement explaining that Assistant District Attorney Tracey Cusick’s retina had become detached as she had been experiencing “a loss of vision in one eye.” The district attorney’s office said Cusick, a prosecutor specializing in animal cruelty cases, went to the emergency room after losing her sight in one eye and underwent surgery.

Czerkawski’s trial will commence at the Norfolk County Superior Court  where the suspect faces 12 counts of animal cruelty, including the infliction of heinous injuries on the dog who was found in a Quincy park, close to where Czerkawski had been caring for an elderly woman. Prosecutors stated Czerkawski had found the dog free of charge on Craigslist and spent weeks torturing the two-year-old pooch by stabbing her in the eye, burning her, pulling her limbs from the joints and slicing her tongue in half like a serpent. The despicable treatment was described as “medieval torture.”

Czerkawski was sentenced to three to five years in prison for stealing $130,000 and to another three to five years for taking $4,500 from St. Lawrence Martyr Parish in New Bedford, where he had lived temporarily in 2012.




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27 replies
  1. Pamela D'Angio says:


  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Verdict – GUILTY. No appeals allowed. Sentence – execution by the same methods used on this poor dog who could not defend herself to be carried out every day over a months timeframe!!!!!

    • Animals#1 says:

      Gizmos Mommy right on. Love the way you think!,, Love eye for eye justice for this piece of crap. The more he suffers the more I like it!,,, eye for eye justice for all animal abusers and killers.

      • Gizmos Mommy says:

        This is one maggot I could easily shoot right between the eyes. But what I find even more repulsive are the idiots who continue to use that website to buy, sell or give away living creatures. I hope the idiot who advertised that poor pup found out about what happened and they have nightmares for the rest of their stupid, miserable existence.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I highly doubt there will be any punishment harsh enough for what this POS did to that poor dog! This despicable monster needs to rot in jail, That it has taken 4 years for this to finally come to trial in of it’s self is abhorrent now they may prolong it again? Let’s get it over with!

    • linda says:

      Living in MA they do take animal abuse seriously I am hoping the judge will take this matter seriously especially with the uproar from animal advocates.

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    Just hearing the words PUPPY DOE immediately brings me to tears! Delays,delays,delays and more delays! I WANT JUSTICE FOR PUPPY DOE!!! I WILL PRAY HARD THAT THIS POS FETS SOME PRISON JUSTICE ON A DAILY BASIS

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of sewer sludge deserves the worst punishment possible – Puppy Doe was an innocent defenseless animal who was subjected to horrific abuse and if I had my way this bastard would be given to all the animal lovers in Boston – he’d never live long enough to see the next day.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of sewer sludge should be given to the animal lovers and let them dole out the punishment – he wouldn’t live to see the next day – this is a great time for the judicial system to step up and give Puppy Doe the justice he so well deserves. It has taken four years for a trial date i

  7. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope that rotten bastard goes straight to Prison and gets the same exact treatment he gave to the poor baby!!!


    Hope someone in prison will torture and cut this coward monster’s eyeballs and tongues till his last breath of worthless life! In hell satan awaits his soul to forever burn in hell!

  9. Adrienne says:

    Craig’s List should not be allowed to sell animals because this is what can happen (unfortunately there are numerous cases of animal torture/abuse by those getting pets on Craig’s List). This thing should be given the same punishment he gave this poor dog-nothing more,but nothing less. Torture him constantly by pulling out his limbs each day and cutting his tongue into a serpent shape. Cut into his eyes the way he did to this dog, them lock him up and throw away his key. Jail cell 24/7

  10. Tim Brady says:

    this piece of shit better pray that I never run into him when im in the Quincy area, he can count on me doing the exact same thing to him that he did to dog, only difference will be when im done hes going to get his nut sack shoved down his throat and he will have both eyes popped out

  11. Darlene Wilson says:

    In all my reading Puppy Doe was 4 months old when Kiya (puppy doe) was listed as free to good home. This THING got her and systematically tortured her and then left her to die in that park. I read the autopsy report and wondered if they checked her for rape. This THING was a caregiver who stole from two clients. A caregiver with THIS TYPE OF SADISTIC BEHAVIOR!!!! This THING IS ALSO IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!!! Myself I would like him sent to a prison where Bullies are trained by the inmates and let them impress upon this THING the errors of his ways, After 16 to 18 years ( if still alive) then he needs frog marched to an airport and shipped back to Poland with instructions to dispose of their garbage!!!

  12. ellen cottone says:

    Isn’t it wonderful you can get an animal you can slowly torcher
    Free off of craigs list. And do what you please to it.a family, just put there unwanted pet into the hands of the worst possible creature and never wondered how she is doing with the new owner.I hope to God for a judge and jury who can some how protect us all and protect unwanted unprotected animals.

    Like this is the first time he’s done this to a helpless animal. I’m sure they are smart enough to to go thru the last 15 yers of his craigs list account and try to locate the bodies of other dogs and cats . Have a conversation with friends , enemys,neighbors and family. You’ll find the help you need to also convict him of past animal torcher, abuse and neglect especially against unwanted free for the taking . People like this man are not made they are born and this behavior starts at 3 or 4 yrs old. What took the community so long to discover this animal pervert ?
    The coward.why hasn’t his community come to the aid of a screaming dog who is being torchered?how do you conceal a injured and crying dog from family and neighbors??

    • linda says:

      ellen I’m confused. You know I live in MA and it was commented on the local news that Puppy Love belonged to the elderly woman he was caring for, however, Craigslist shouldn’t be allowed to advertise animals for any reason. So many sick people troll there to get animals for their sick twisted pleasure. I have to research if there is a petition if not perhaps I should start one. Have a good day.

  13. Sherry says:

    Puppy Doe, I am so sorry that a monster did this to you. You did not deserve this. You deserved a loving home. This coward is trying to blame it on kids in the park when clearly this torture took place over a period of time. A life sentence is too good for this defendant, actually Hell is too good for this defendant. VOMIT.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      How long are they going to keep putting this off? This is just another indication of how much they pay attention to monsters that torture dogs! Our justice system doesn’t care or they would get this over and get some justice for poor Puppy Doe! Disgusting!

      • linda says:

        Originally it was set for August 1st then they moved it back to July 27th. The prosecutor that handles animal abuse cases had emergency eye surgery. So the judge changed it to Oct 24th. You can follow on face book “Justice for Puppy Doe”.

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