Puppy couldn’t walk – see her amazing (miraculous!) transformation

Puppy transformed
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You have to see it to believe it. A golden retriever puppy named Angel was unable to walk…at the time that she was adopted, her rear legs were mostly useless. A Michigan veterinary hospital posted incredible before and after videos of the puppy’s miraculous transformation on Sunday – with a request to share Angel’s story and let people know about the benefits of alternative veterinary medicine.


The Woodhaven Animal Hospital recounted how Angel’s journey began:

Meet Angel. She was brought to Woodhaven Animal Hospital by her own angel, Talia Cancilliari Longton. Talia adopted this precious puppy that had difficulty walking and dragged her rear legs. Working in pediatric neurology and othopedics she knew that she could not leave her behind. She did her research and looked into alternative medicine.

So what took place for Angel to transform from a partially paralyzed puppy, to a puppy with normal mobility? According to the veterinary hospital, Angel received two chiropractic adjustments, cold laser treatment and herbal therapy. Check out her incredible “after” video below – simply amazing!



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  1. The amazing , caring, compassionate WOMAN that took a chance on the little “Love Bug” is a Hero of the Animal World!!! She will be repaid with unconditional love and devotion till the end of Angel’s days .. This may also inspire other’s to take that chance on an animal that needs the help, love and compassion to help another animal live a normal life… May this Pet Rescue Report give that Inspiration to another !!!

  2. Wow fantastic story…… so nice to see happy endings instead of sad or horrible ones! May God bless all involved in this beautiful story and who helped this beauty walk!


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