Puppy with broken legs recovering: Owner said she fell from porch

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An 11-week-old puppy, with two broken legs, was abandoned in the foyer of the North Shore shelter of the Animal Rescue League/Western Pennsylvania Humane Shelter on February 21, reported the organization on their Facebook page. The puppy was discovered by a clinic client and immediately taken to the ARL/WPHS clinic to be assessed by a veterinarian.

The three-pound Yorkshire terrier’s legs were surgically repaired at the  Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center (PVSEC) the next day. And now over a week later, the adorable pooch dubbed Laney has been recovering in a foster home, although veterinarians fear she also suffered a head injury from the fall. She is not able to put any weight on her legs and still acts very lethargic. Her condition is being carefully monitored.

So what happened to Laney? After an investigation by the Pittsburgh Police Department, according to the Post-Gazette, the owner of the puppy was located – a mother of five young children who stated she received the puppy as a Christmas present. On the day Laney was injured, the mother told police her five-year-old son told her the puppy was “outside crying.” A two-year-old child in the home had apparently opened an upstairs window, and the puppy went out onto the roof of a porch and fell. The owner rushed the puppy to three different veterinarians who refused to work out a payment plan to treat the dog. There are no plans to press animal cruelty charges against the owner at this time.

According to the organization’s Facebook page, numerous people have contacted the rescue wanting to adopt or help. Her veterinary bills have exceeded $3,000 and donations are welcome.

“Our phone lines have been overwhelmed with tons of calls & we’d like to restate that it will be approximately 6 to 8 weeks until this poor pup will be ready for adoption. She has a long recovery & rehabilitation period ahead of her, but is doing quite well thanks to the outpouring of support from our community.”

For all who have offered to adopt Laney, the shelter asks that you check out all the other deserving dogs and cats who need homes. Adopt a shelter pet and tell the staff  “Laney sent you.”

Read previous story here.

Photo of puppy with broken legs – Laney courtesy of Animal Rescue League/Western PA Humane Society.

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11 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I understand that this mother has five young children and a small puppy but regardless, she just dumped this helpless dog and left – I am also a little suspicious of the circumstances of the puppy’s injuries, I only hope Laney recovers completely and gets adopted into a safe loving home.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    The 2 year old opened a window and the puppy fell out the window? Really? I doubt that is what happened here! Yorkies are tiny and if your not careful you can injure them! I think the the children are responsible for this puppies injuries! In any event I wouldn’t allow this puppy to go back to that family!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    So if my math is correct, she got the puppy for a Christmas present 10 weeks ago and the puppy is 11 weeks old? It fell off of a porch roof after a 2 year old opened the window (lucky the kid didn’t crawl out there and fall of the roof) and since when can a 2 year old open a window or maybe she has very easily opening windows? Mine never could at that age, Obviously she wasn’t watching her children with the puppy so who knows what really happened, The only thing I do believe is she went to Veterinarians who wouldn’t treat the pup without payment. So you take the pup and just leave it in the foyer of the North Shore shelter of the Animal Rescue League/Western Pennsylvania Humane Shelter. Ok, how about bring the pup in tell your “story” and surrender it to make sure it gets help, instead of just leaving it there alone for someone else to deal with. One thing I do know, is she isn’t fit to have a pet and I would be worried about the children. Prayers for little Laney, I hope she recovers and finds a good home.

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      Information stated the woman received the puppy as a Christmas present. She may have waited until the puppy was old enough to come home which literally could mean she didn’t have the puppy for more than a few weeks. Very sad. With five young children in her home, surely she must have known to never leave a tiny puppy without strict supervision. Some people just don’t think.

    • Helen says:

      I understand your anger. I am angry as well. She did try, however, if she had a regular vet perhaps it would have had a positive outcome.


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