Puppy belonging to slain college student is missing

Puppy belonging to slain OU student is missing

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Update 6:30 p.m. (PST): According to KOCO News, Jamie has been reunited with Nathan’s family.

On Sunday night, a mixed breed puppy named Jamie was with Nathaniel ‘Nathan’ Ewing, a University of Oklahoma student who was killed in what is believed to be a robbery. According to News 9, Ewing was shot late Sunday night outside of the  Willow Brook Apartments in Norman – the student was hit in his abdomen and he died the next day, on his 20th birthday.

Now, Ewing’s devastated family is hoping to find the puppy who belonged to their son – Jamie is described as a black and white Labrador retriever/border collie mix. KOCO News reported that a tenant at the apartment complex where the shooting took place believes that the pup was picked up by someone who lives there – the individual who picked up the pup has stated that the puppy was hers.

A reward has been offered for Jamie’s safe return – anyone with information about the puppy’s whereabouts is asked to call 308-440-4519.

(Images screenshot via KOCO News)

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! What a horrific tragedy,humans are the most brutal species alive! Not only do humans brutalize animals they brutalize and kill their fellow man,all for the love of money. This is a devastating crime,I will never understand how any human being can just snuff out a life and then contiune on with their own like nothing ever happened! It’s a total disrespect for life be it for humans or animals! Oh I hope and pray that they are able to recover this puppy and catch these low life killers! Prayers and condolences to all that loved Nathan,so,so senseless!

  2. J. Martin says:

    Some lady took this pup? HEY.. you stupid thieving, heartless, selfish POS.; The dog isn’t yours!!! Isn’t it bad enough this family lost their son in a senseless act of violence on the young man’s birthday? You need to make it worse and swipe his dog?

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    This family has lost a member at only 20 years old, on his birthday no less. Whoever has his dog best give it back to them, they have already lost way too much! Keeping this family in our prayers, this is so heartbreaking.

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Whoever took this puppy needs serious prison time even if they had no part in the murder of this young man! This is beyond cruel, it is sadistic!

  5. jasonsmom285 says:

    Jamie has been reunited with Nathan’s family. My heart breaks for this handsome young man and his family, I hope his killer is found. So senseless, what a horrible tragedy. I lost my son when he was 14. His family has hell ahead of them.


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