Puppy beaten with metal rod has been adopted

Puppy beaten by man with metal rod, gets a new home

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An adorable golden retriever puppy, who barely survived unimaginable abuse at the hands of a cruel man wielding a metal rod as a weapon, has a new home. According to a press release from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS), the four-month-old puppy, named “Raine,” is going to live with the woman who saved him from almost certain death.

The good Samaritan who sought out the source of pained cries in January found Raine suffering from horrible injuries. The accused abuser, 21-year-old Shundong Hu, was subsequently arrested by Tempe police and jailed on felony animal cruelty charges.


Raine has recuperated from his injuries and though many people expressed interest in adopting him, the shelter decided that allowing him to live with the woman who saved him was the best option. AHS explained:

One brave woman spent weeks searching for the source of the heartbreaking howls and cries, and she helped lead the police to the criminal responsible for Raine’s injuries. She also led police to two other pets, cats who were in need of extreme medical care. She’s a hero. She saved his life. And she wanted to be his mom. We’re not going to hold a drawing for Raine. The woman who saved his life is going to continue to give him a great one.

Raine’s adopter has a message for everyone:

“I will always remember the night that I finally found where the source of the puppy’s cries were coming from. I had been searching for weeks and ironically enough, I wasn’t even supposed to be in the state. In a series of unrelated events, I ended up being in town. I can honestly say now that I don’t think Raine would have lived through that night. One very important thing that I just want to say is that when it comes to animal abuse and cruelty, these animals cannot speak for themselves. They rely on us to be their voice in times of need. It’s okay to be sad, scared, and angry when witnessing animal cruelty. But the one thing that is not okay is to turn your back on those who need us most. So I just want to ask the public, if you witness or hear something, don’t ignore it. Take action. Write down any details or use the camera on your phone to record and take pictures. And then from there, call local law enforcement or the Arizona Humane Society for help. There are organizations and agencies that take animal cruelty very seriously and will support you through this process. Thank you.”

Original story about this situation here.

(Photos via AHS and booking photo Tempe PD)



13 replies
  1. Theresa says:

    I’m so happy for the dog that he was saved but I like to get my hands on that dirt bag and take the rod to his ugly fucking face

  2. Shelly sruscito69@gmail says:

    An eye for an eye! This jackass should be beat just like he beat this defenseless puppy. I wonder what punishment he will get.

    • yvonne ochoa says:

      What you want a detailed account of the beating . The puppy was saved a happy ending and a new beginning. I will never understand what you people . Just be happy for the innocent sweet puppy.can you do that ?

      • linda says:

        I don’t want details of the beatings rude bitch! I’m somewhat amazed that it went on for a very long time!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Little Raine is going to have a wonderful life with this Angel of a woman. She went above and beyond and is a true hero! Bless both of them, there is truly a happy ending for this story.

  4. texag572015 says:

    Thank goodness the lady was persistent in her search. I am very pleased that the puppy has survived, and that the perp is paying for his cruelty. He really needs some beatings with that same metal rod.

  5. Edward Nagle says:

    nice job angel he is adorable for my other friend well that is another i wiuld hit bitch so hard his eyes would be uncrossed

  6. Linda Szymoniak says:

    My message to the other people who expressed interest in adopting this dog – there are literally thousands and thousands of dogs in need every day here in the US. Please choose to adopt another dog. I promise you won’t regret the decision. Fate brought this dog and his new owner together (just as when I found my tiny feral kitten last summer – after losing two dogs and one cat in the previous year or so, it was like fate brought her to me). Cases like this – that get media attention – always get numerous adoption requests. I wonder how many of those people opt to adopt another dog when the one from the media goes to someone else.

  7. Carole says:

    That ugly POS needs to be beaten with a metal rod till every bone in his body is broken. Then throw him in the deep end of a pool. He’s too evil to be left alive. So happy that the sweet little puppy is ok. Many thanks to the wonderful caring lady that saved him.

  8. Sherry says:

    What an amazing human being and a happy ending. Please keep reporting some happy TAILS to balance out the horrible news we animal activists have to digest all the time. It’s great to hear some warm and fuzzy ending news!!


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