Puppy abandoned at Florida dog park

Puppy abandoned at Florida dog park

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On Monday night, someone abandoned an adorable puppy at a Florida dog park. Fortunately, the outcome to this otherwise sad situation is good, thanks to an outpouring of attention the puppy got after her photo was posted to Facebook.

Earlier this week, photos of the pup were uploaded to the Friends of the Destin Dog Park Facebook page, along with an explanation of what had happened:

Need your help. This adorable friendly female puppy was abandoned last night at the dog park. Our Park’s maintenance staff, Danny took her to the Airport Veterinary Clinic this morning. She is healthy and in good condition but does not have a micro chip or collar. According to Danny she came right up to him this morning and wanted to be cuddled and loved.

Suffice to say, the adorable five-month-old puppy drew a great deal of attention. The post was shared nearly 700 times and just one day later, the Facebook page updated followers that the puppy was in good hands, with hopes of having a forever home:

Want to thank everyone for your compassion and especially your effort to share our post about the abandoned puppy in our dog park. The good news is that the Airport Vet has a wait list to foster and adopt this sweet adorable girl. She has to stay at the clinic for 48 hrs. Tomorrow her new foster home is suppose to pick her up and they hope to adopt her.

According to the Destin Log, a wait list with over two dozen potential adopters was created. On Friday, the Facebook page offered final confirmation that the abandoned puppy was safe and that she has a home:

Want to let everyone know that the issue with the puppy that was left at the dog park has been resolved. She has been placed with a loving family. Due to privacy more information can not be given. Thank you for your compassion and effort to share this story.

(Photo via Facebook)

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  1. Sheri says:

    That’s wonderful news! And for those potential adopters who aren’t picked for this pups new home, please check out shelters and rescues because there are so many other wonderful dogs and cats that are looking for a forever home. Adopt don’t shop!!!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I will never understand the heartlessness that it takes to do something like this to a puppy or dog. I hope whoever abandoned her will never have a days peace. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  3. Trecia Juhnke says:

    For all the potential adopters that were’t lucky to be picked,go to the shelters because the dogs life at the shelters are usually on a time line and they are so precious and they all need loving homes from the
    noisy cold and strange enviroment they are in.Please give these babies a 2nd chance also.

  4. Dee says:

    how do ya know some one .dumped this pup. Do ya think maybe she wandered off from her home.do ya think it could be possible the pup was stolen from its home and dumped in another city. Its all possible


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