pup returned when family moved

Pup was adopted at 3 months of age, returned to shelter when family moved

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A darling brindle shepherd mix puppy was adopted from the Victor Valley Animal Protective League (VVAPL) in Apple Valley, California, when he was just three months of age. The pup, named “Jax,” had it good for a short while – but everything was turned upside down when his new family moved and he was not included in their moving plans.

Jax was returned to the animal shelter a month ago and now he sits and waits – no longer a tiny pup who everyone is clamoring to adopt, but an older pup who looks like an adult. Jax is a sweet boy who deserves to be living in a home with a loving family.

On Tuesday night, a volunteer photographer reached out to the Pet Rescue Report for help:

I have a sweet boy that could use some help. 10 month old neutered male Jax is a shepherd mix. He was adopted from VVAPL as a 3 month old pup back in September 2016. He was returned last month because family was moving and couldn’t take him. He’s been at the shelter a month now. He’s very friendly, loves to play and really needs a family.

Please help Jax find a committed new owner – one who will never leave him behind again.

9 month old neutered male Shepherd fusion
VVAPL Humane Society
21779 Zuni Road
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307
Contact: vvapl62@yahoo.com

Facebook thread here.

(Image Susanna Roy)

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12 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    That ‘moving’ excuse is such a bunch of BS and so overused it is laughable. Jax deserves to be adopted permanently by a family who will give him his forever home. He is neutered and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

  2. Red says:

    WHEN WILL PEOPLE STOP THINKING THAT ANIMALS ARE JUST DISPOSABLE??? They are to be members of your family. If they aren’t…… DO NOT BUY, DO NOT ADOPT, DO NOT ACCEPT THEM AS A GIFT. If you chain them…. remember, A chained dog is a choked soul. If you surrender them….most likely you are sentencing them to a death sentence. SO DON’T HAVE ONE IF THEY ARE NOT FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    People who do this should NEVER be allowed to own another pet!! Owning a dog should be a privilege not a given right!!!


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