Punjab man shot dog at point-blank range

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A disturbing video showing a Punjab, India man killing his dog with a rifle went viral on social media Wednesday sending animal advocates into an instant but understandable rage. Hours after the video appeared online, police arrested the dog’s owner and his friend in the Badbar village of Dhanaula.

According to India Today, the dog’s owner, identified as Satbir Singh and his friend, Tony Kanpuria, originally stated the pit bull mix had been “unstable and imbalanced for the past two days,” and had to be killed. Defending his actions, Singh told authorities:

“The dog was fiercely biting for the last two days. It had attacked my buffalo. It had become extremely dangerous to kids. Remember, it was my pet dog! Why will I kill my own dog?”

Contrary to Singh’s excuse, Abhinav Srihan, a member of an animal welfare organization stated there were no signs of any dog bites on the buffaloes.

 “We submitted the complaint to the AWBI with ample proofs.I had taken up the matter with the office of Maneka Gandhi. A dog cannot be exterminated on petty grounds. Such animals should be sterilised, or be kept in a kennel.”


Both men are out on bail. A necropsy has been ordered on the dog including brain samples to determine if the dog was unstable.

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  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    You sick asshole why I hope you get shot in the head & die you are a evil creep & deserve to die & will someone will kill you poor doggie Rest In Peace bg


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