Public’s help wanted identifying cruel cat dragger

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Authorities in Los Angeles are asking the public for help identifying the woman caught on camera cruelly dragging a cat on a leash. A witness took photos of the woman cat “dragger” last Friday on Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman in Van Nuys. The cat was dragged at least four blocks.

According to KtlaNews, one witness identified as Shifrah, stopped her car and demanded the woman leave the cat alone and stop dragging him:

I was disgusted and I was horrified,” said Shifrah. “The cord is around his neck, and she’s just pulling him. You know he was trying to get away from her.”

Shifrah then called 911 and continued to follow the woman. The situation soon became more disturbing as another witness got out of her car, also telling the cat dragger to release the animal.

“Another lady got out of her car and she walked up to this woman abusing this cat on a leash and she’s telling her to leave the cat alone,” stated Shifrah. “She ripped the blonde wig off the abuser’s hair. So now they’re kind of arguing; you’re seeing fists flying a little bit. The cat is either dropped or thrown to the ground. The mean lady is saying ‘give me my wig, give me my wig,’ and then she tasered the nice lady. I see flashes of light and she’s tasering the lady, and then that’s when the fight kind of ended.”

The suspect ran away leaving the cat. A good Samaritan brought the injured cat to the East Valley Animal Shelter where she has been dubbed Mischief and is currently receiving treatment.

Anyone with information is asked to call Los Angeles Department of Animal Services at 888-452-7381. Help Mischief find justice. Please share this story; someone knows this woman’s identity.

(Photo of cat dragger from LA Dept of Animal Services)

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15 replies
  1. Catherine Staffy says:

    This mad woman is a nut case. She went out with the cat looking for attention. She must be found, identified, put in a straight jacket and electrocuted!

    • linda says:

      At least it is safe and will be adopted soon since the news coverage. Have no idea what this female POS was thinking that she did this in public.

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Trouvez vite cette pettasse que cette barbare soit jugée pour cruauté, encore une consanguine, un monstre qu’il faut retirer de la société avant qu’elle maltraite un autre animal ou qu’elle sans prenne à quelqu’un.

  3. J. Martin says:

    Cat’s are not dogs!!! Sure they can be trained to go on a leash and do many other tricks too .. but that takes time & patience. This heartless stupid POS drags this poor cat 4 freaking blocks. She’s not only confronted by someone who tried to stop her from doing it .. she’s confronted by another person who also tells her to stop her!!! Then the stupid broad tasers the 2nd lady that tried to stop her .. and takes off leaving the cat. I’d love to stick a rope around her neck and drag her 4 blocks .. using a car to do it!!!!

  4. susispot says:

    Now that nice lady was very brave in her efforts to save the cat in distress. I applaud her, although that could have been very dangerous. I’m glad it turned out well. I hope the lady and the cat are none the worse for wear! Thank you for your courage.


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