Deer poacher's truck destroyed

Property owner destroys deer poacher’s truck with a tractor

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A property owner took matters into his own hands when a deer poacher decided to trespass. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police recounted the unusual incident to Facebook users on Monday morning…along with a word of warning:

Respect private property, but if you feel someone isn’t, don’t take matters into your own hands – a license plate gets us what we need most of the time.

According to the agency, two officers responded to a Saturday night phone call about an active poacher on private property. Officers Flowers and Prater responded and noticed a man on a tractor “ram into the back of a pickup truck.”

The tractor driver proceeded to push the poacher’s truck over an embankment – totaling the vehicle. Officers determined that the poacher was a 16-year-old who had killed a closed season cow elk; the meat was donated to a local food bank.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police would like for incidents to be phoned in…not taken into land owner’s hands. They wrote, “Don’t be tractor man – call us (360) 902-2936 or 911”

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10 replies
  1. Red says:

    Good for that farmer!! It was his property and the little PUNK was illegally hunting…if the police had come they would have just slapped his hand and sent him on his way….. at least this time he will think before he poaches!!!

  2. Ilona Brost says:

    I think the guy with the tractor is slightly more persuasive. Of course police can not say, “Way to go”, but I have a feeling the tractor guy got a wink of approval.
    Way to go,l the tractor guy!

  3. Darla says:

    Screw it…I’d have done the same thing. The little cretin was trespassing. It’s not as though the property owner ran over the truck’s driver and caused bodily injury although it’s not a bad idea!

  4. susispot says:

    I bet that felt good smashing that truck up. But the owner could have come around a corner with guns blazing. Be safe friends. As to the damage to the poachers vehicle ( I’m clapping).

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I give the property owner a standing ovation – he did what he needed to do – this punk who trespassed now has no vehicle – LOL!!


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