Pregnant dog rescued from Korean meat market welcomes litter to new world

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Rosa, a ten-month-old Korean Jindo, has been on an international journey and a new life.  When the Humane Society International (HSI), rescued more than 200 dogs from Wonju, South Korea, where the dogs would have eventually been slaughtered for their meat, the lucky pups were flown to the United States and placed at Humane Society rescues to be rehabilitated and prepared for adoption.  Rosa, including 13 other rescued dogs, were sent to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.rosa

Since arrival, Rosa has been completely withdrawn and “beyond frightened” the organization described on their Facebook page as they regularly update the socialization progress of the 14 rescued dogs. Rosa wouldn’t allow anyone near her except one of the trainers, Glen Hatchell. Just a week ago, when finally he was able to gently touch the dog’s swollen belly and determine she was pregnant, Rosa was moved to a quiet place where she could nest and feel safer. Had she still been in Korea in a crowded cage, where dogs are often boiled and skinned alive, it would have been frightening to even imagine what could have happened to her newborn puppies.

And on Tuesday morning, Rosa had her puppies — five males and one female; all resembling their young mother – so fluffy and pure white. The happy announcement on the organization’s  Facebook page melted hearts:rosa 4

“Rosa is being a good momma but is still extremely stressed. In order to keep her calm, quiet, and feeling safe enough to mother, we are asking that she not have any visitors (including media) at this time. In about a week, we will place her in a foster home with her litter. Because she will not allow humans to approach her she will be placed with a foster parent experienced with the kind of rehabilitation and environment she requires. It will be at least 8 weeks before the puppies are ready for adoption and we are not taking any applications for them at this time. We will keep you updated about their progress. Welcome to the world, little ones. We’re so glad to have you safely here.”

If interested in adopting a puppy, you can find out more by contacting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. To help more dogs survive the egregious torture of Korean meat slaughter farms, you can sign this petition. Donations to HSI can be made by clicking here.

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(Photos and video of dog rescued from Korean meat market courtesy of Humane Society of Tampa Bay)

View the video here of Rosa and her puppies:



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  1. Thank goodness this lucky pup and her babies escaped the barbaric Korean dog meat markets. All these horrifying dog meat markets need to be closed not only in Korea but throughout Asia. There is no place in the 21st century for this unspeakable cruelty!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All of those Asian Countries have gotten rich off the United States and have taken many jobs away. They still act third world and have not the energy to change. It is a shame that Asian Countries continue to inflict pain and suffering to animals everyday. They need to be stopped! Make it happen! Send a message! Cut off their foreign aid.

  3. Thankyou for rescured this poor puppis! !! This horribel dogmarket must bee stopped!!!! We live in 2000 year now!!! So STOPP IT NOW ????????????????????????????????

  4. this dog may have never had any interaction with humans. It shouldn’t be a surprise she is withdrawn. I hope she will come around to enjoy the loving touch of someone she feels comfortable with.


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