Poor little Roxy found wandering the streets with sad note attached to collar

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The ASPCA Auckland is appealing to the public for information about a Jack Russell terrier found running around stores located near Uxbridge in Howick. A Good Samaritan found the small white dog wearing a green collar with a tag and an attached note:

“Hi my name is Roxy my owner can’t look after me can you?”

The sweet dog was brought to the ASPCA who have since reached out to the neighborhood hoping someone recognizes her. Any information received will be treated as confidential.

“We understand that circumstances can change for pet owners, and that sometimes families are in a position where they genuinely can’t care for their animals anymore – we want you to know there is always another option and people who can help. Abandoning an animal like this is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 1999. There is useful advice on our website about rehoming your pet here: spcaauckland.org.nz/help-and-advice/rehomingyourpet/.”

Abandoning an animal is an offense under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

Social media users on the organization’s Facebook page defended the owner, believing it had likely been an elderly person who felt they had no other option:

“SPCA AUCKLAND We agree Julie and completely understand that sometimes people can be faced with situations where it feels like there are no other options. We want people to know that they should never feel like their only resort is abandoning an animal – there is always help and other avenues to take.”

In a followup post,  someone posted the “owner loves her dog and has been missing her and had no idea about name tag. I think someone has played a very cruel prank on both the owner and poor Roxy. From what I understand the owner is getting in touch with SPCA about getting Roxy back where she belongs.”

If anyone can share any information about Roxy please call our team on 09 256 7300.
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Shelter hopes to increase adoptions by removing controversial label – read more here.

Good Samaritan helps free this poor animal from wire fencing – watch the video here.

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  1. So someone took the dog and put the note on her and let her roam the neighborhood? And why is it that it’s always thought to be an “elderly” person who can’t take care of their pet. I take offense to that since I am of retirement age and would NEVER do this to my dog! Just because people are elderly does NOT excuse this type of behavior!

  2. I hope the owner does step up and get Roxy back – IF this is some sort of prank, the idiot that did this put Roxy in severe danger and they need a slap in the head w/a 2×4.

  3. its the owner who turned the dog out onto the streets to fend for herself.
    this is no joke or accident.
    thank God a concerned citizen found Roxy. what part of the story led you to believe the former owner wants this little dog back.please don’t hand this animal over to anyone. the story didn’t wash.
    The only thing for sure is that nobody at the former residant cares for its well being. don’t hand this dog over.

  4. What an adorable dog. JRT don’t eat much. Shame on whomever left her on the streets to be hit by a car or to starve to death. You deserve to go to jail.


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