Poor Betty so scared of leash, shelter volunteer tearfully carries her outdoors

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When a volunteer from the Miami-Dade Animal Pet Adoption and Protection Center checked on Betty, the six-year-old frightened terrier mix hid in the back of her kennel. Gently clipping on the leash around the dog’s neck, she refused to move. Initially thinking, Betty was unable to walk, Ashely Lopez decided to carry her outdoors; no dog should have to spend all day in a cage just because she didn’t want to walk. And so Betty’s  sad story began to unfold:

“After carrying her outside, she sat happy in a corner watching the cars and the people pass,” Ashley stated as she gently scratched Betty behind the ears. “She let me pet her and sit with her. When it came time to put on the leash again, she ran away from me. This poor baby can walk just fine!”

And as Ashley’s heart broke piece by piece, she could only guess what may have been a terrible part of this senior’s past.

“She just hates being on a leash. I don’t doubt it was because her old family made her scared of the leash.”

Click here for the dog’s listing. Betty #A1880847. “I am a female tan and white Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 6 years old and I weigh 64 pounds. I was found as a stray and I may be available for adoption on 06/17/2017.” Follow her Facebook pages here and here. Share this girl’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Betty needs a loving home where she can cuddle up in a comfortable bed and run free without a leash. Although her shelter notes Betty is six-years-old, she seems much older, and this dog deserves to live her last years in a home full of love and happiness. 

(Video and photos courtesy of Ashley Lopez)

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Video: Meet sad Betty. Please share her story and help her find a home.


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  1. Too sad. You can tell Betsy had a hard life. She was probably used for breeding and then later abandoned. This girl looks so defeated and hopeless. She needs to be rescued. Please don’t let her die in the shelter

  2. Poor baby girl, sharing with love and prayers for her life and freedom . So sad that her owners had to leave her in a kill shelter.

  3. PLEASE some kind hearted person come forward and give Betty her forever home – she is so deserving – her life has apparently not been a good one – she will give unconditional love to some lucky person. You will never regret it.

  4. No living being should live in fear & terror like this for one second. You can only imagine what she endured to make her so full of terror. Humans are earths walking devils, they bring such horror to other living beings. These people need to spend years inside drab prison walls, tortured beyond words, filled with terror, until they can’t take a breath. I pray the judge has the guts to do his/her job correctly and impose the proper sentence. Today’s judges are afraid to do their jobs, they let humans get away with horrific acts, the worst thing they get is a slap on the wrist. This is why acts of abuse, neglect, terror, continue to happen non stop. Animals are the ones suffering 100%, with no compassion, no love, no one who cares. The innocent animal pays with their life’s – literally. They’ve been starved, beaten, neglected, they’ve received no love, no compassion, no care. Humans who do these acts deserve death, horrific deaths. They need to feel what a good ass whooping feels like, they need to suffer, to deserve to spend 5 minutes alone with me, out of ears reach, just me and them. I’d do it free of charge, I’d do it for the animal(s), I’d do it to set the record straight…

  5. I Hope and Pray that some kind Person adopts this Sweet Dog. Karma to the Family that turned Her in to a Animal Shelter.

  6. This a dog who has suffered horrible cruelty! Its heart breaking to see this poor little one like this! What is needed here for Betty is gentle reasurring that the leash is no longer a thing of torture! She is a beautiful senior who deserves to be loved!


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