Pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in backseat of owner’s Honda Accord

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On Monday, Lauren Mesaros had been faced with a life or death situation as the fires of Santa Rosa steadily crept towards her property. Knowing she had to evacuate her three horses and only having a trailer that would accommodate two, she knew she had to think fast. She couldn’t leave her pony behind.

With the fire less than a mile away and neighborhoods across the railroad tracks already completely destroyed by the fire, Mesaros, a registered nurse, loaded her two horses into a trailer borrowed from one of her friends. Unfortunately, her pony Stardust couldn’t fit. What was Lauren to do? Well, Stardust would have to come along in her car – a Honda Accord. And with the help of a carrot and a friend, who Lauren refers to as a “horse whisperer,” Stardust climbed into the back seat and they were off.

Lisette Hall Frye, a neighbor snapped the over the top adorable photo and sister-in-law Cindy Lundin Mesaros posted it to her Facebook page. Fortunately the winds shifted and thus far, Lauren’s property has been saved from significant damage. The three horses were transferred to Wind Horse Ranch in Sebastopol until the fire is over.

And as for Lauren’s car – Stardust may have left his mark, and the car may never smell the same again, admitted Lauren. But the good news – all four of them are safe.

(Photo of pony evacuated from Santa Rosa fire in owner’s Honda Accord Facebook via Lisette Hall Frye.)

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    A NURSE!!! one of us who will go to any extreme to try and save a life!! She did the only thing she could and GUESS WHAT ! her Honda will survive the possible elimination from fear by Stardust!!! Kodo’s to this loving, and caring Woman. Her animal’s are safe that is the important thing….

  2. ellen cottone says:

    when i was a kid my dad held a community day fair at a big park in our town. my dad went to a farm and asked for a pony for rides. The farmer said yes but my dad would have to be responsible for transport. my dad is from Brooklyn. he knew nothing about ponies and being a can do guy asked if he could get him in the back seat of the old Chevy station wagon.
    The farmer said sure. in he went in the back seat, 2 legs bent in the back seat and little head out the back seat window.
    i was in the passenger seat facing the pony with a grin ear to ear. mr Mariano my dads best friend sitting in the back holding his tail down. when we pulled up to street lights on Jericho tpk you can imagine the looks from other cars and their families. needless to say the best day of my life.
    this is long island NY, and this was cub scouts back in the day.I am lucky to have a dad like my dad. These are just some of our families nuttiness. and this was in the days of very little rules. I wish we had pictures but pictures werent important then.
    but this really happened

  3. Darla says:

    I was wondering how she lured a pony into the backseat of a car – so thankful for carrots and a good friend to help! It’s true the vehicle may never smell the same again! But who cares……it’s just a car and it can be replaced.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Lauren Mesaros showed some quick thinking and true love for her animals – you are a hero for the initiative you took to make sure all your horses were safe – THANK YOU for your dedication to ensure all your horses were safe. We need more people like you who make sure those who depend on us are safe.


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