Police nab man who threw 3 newborn chihuahuas into trash

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Police in Pasco, Washington have identified the man who dumped three newborn chihuahuas in a dumpster at a car wash last week. According to the news report by KeprTv, the police, in conjunction with the animal shelter used surveillance video cameras to identify the suspect as  Vatentin Patricio from Kennewick.Newborn chihuahua 3

An employee at the Bulldog Car Wash found the puppies and called authorities. They had been wrapped in a towel and thrown in the dumpster as if their lives didn’t count.  Shelter staff at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter have been caring for the three puppies who still had their wet and bleeding umbilical cords attached when discovered. They have been named Olive, Petunia and Gin. Angela Zilar has been caring for the puppies and bottle feeding them.

“They were very cold, so they had been there for a little while,” Angela said. “You have to do what’s best for them, and best for them is not in a garbage can.”

Patricio was told to bring in the mother dog and the one puppy he kept. Mother dog, Estrella and the other tiny pup named Puma will remain with the shelter until the conclusion of the case. Patricio, 33, has been charged with three counts of animal cruelty. The shelter will be asking the prosecutor to upgrade charges to felony counts.Newborn chihuahua 2

The three puppies will be available for adoption in nine-weeks.  To help with the expenses of the puppies, information can be found here.

(Photos of newborn chihuahuas and mother dog courtesy of Tri-Cities Animal Shelter.)

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  2. He’d better get felony charged! The judge(s) need to stop being scared and give them what they deserve instead of slaps on the wrist and a day or two. He needs 4 years for each count! If judges would sentence correctly this horrific abuse would stop as vile humans would know they’d get time. They must be shown this will not be tolerated!!! Thank God that worker found them and did the right thing, getting them to safety and the help desperately needed. Praying they recover quickly and that mom and her babies find good loving families!!!

  3. WHOEVER DID THIS IS A COMPLETE FUCKED UP ASS HOLE. WTF. Happy to hear the babies and mama have been reunited I know she was sad

  4. He should be “WHALE FODDER” and never seen or heard of AGAIN!!! If they let this Vile Putrid Buzzard Vomit off with a Little tap on his little mushy Pea Brain… The authorities are as Mentally Ill as He is!!!

  5. He should not be allowed to have the mother dog and other puppy back, either. No pets for him for the rest of his life.

  6. I hope he rots in Hell for what he did to these poor innocent babies. He deserves to be in Prison for a very long time.

  7. The disrespect towards God and His creatures and creations will NOT go u punished believe me! Humans WILL pay the price for sinning against God and His beloved creatures.

    • YOU know I would venture to say this Buzzard Vomit doesn’t have one caring bone in His entire body!!! It didn’t bother him and HE KNEW HE WAS SENTENCING THESE THREE LITTLE PUPS TO A HORRIBLE DEATH!!!!

  8. Mom is a cute little girl. Will she have to stay at the shelter in a cage until this case is settled? That could take YEARS! I hope she is spayed and adopted/fostered out for her health safety.

  9. The hero here was the car wash worker. who had a heart. Who hears their crys and did the rite thing. Some how got a nursing mother and her chosen pup back together with the throw away in the car wash garbage pups.
    Ironic the name of the car wash is bulldog car wash. And the people who work their are saviors


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