Police find and arrest man accused of shattering puppy’s leg

Man accused of shattering puppy's leg
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According to Thursday’s WPBF News, the police have found and arrested a Florida man who is accused of shattering a puppy’s leg when he threw her over a tall fence. The puppy-abuser, identified as 34-year-old Jorge Samuel Hernandez, was arrested Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Deputies for the crime which left a six-month-old puppy with a badly fractured leg.Screenshot (868)

The despicable act of cruelty was captured on video surveillance – the footage shows Hernandez picking up the puppy out of the back of a truck and hurling her over a 7-foot fence at the animal control agency in Okeechobee. The puppy, dubbed “Jenny,” had to undergo surgery to repair the fractured bone in her leg.

Hernandez explained to the deputies that the puppy had followed his dog home – he claims that he threw her over the animal control fence because he feared that she would hurt children in the park which is near his home.

Jenny is recuperating from her injury in a foster home – she is described as “very happy.”

(Photos screenshot via WPBF News)

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  1. I’m glad they found and arrested the POS. As usual, he had a BS excuse. I saw the video of that puppy – she wouldn’t hurt a flea.

  2. Throw him over a fence and break his leg. Then just let him lay there. Rotten dirtbag. See if he’s even legal. DEPORT if not.

  3. Now there is an excuse for you! Throw a puppy over a fence at animal control because “he feared that she would hurt children in the park”. So why didn’t he call animal control, why didn’t he keep her safe until the shelter was open? Because he is a POS and a liar! He needs to pay the vet bills and sit in jail for awhile and think about his stupid story! I’m glad they found the POS now give him a punishment that will mean something!!!!!!


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