Police bust out window to save small dog in baking hot car

Police bust window to save dog
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In the midst of a continuing heat wave in Western Washington, someone decided to leave their small dog inside of their baking hot parked car. Police in Tukwila were alerted the deadly situation and didn’t hesitate to bust out one of the car’s windows to save the dog who was trapped inside.

The Department blasted the owners for their thoughtless decision in a Facebook post on Sunday:

It is absolutely unacceptable to leave any animal or child in your car unattended! Especially when it is hot outside. We just rescued a dog in distress from a vehicle that had the windows up on an 88° day.

The dog who was left inside had been suffering for at least 30 minutes – possibly longer. The Department added:

The dog was in visible distress. We were able to extract the dog, provide it with water and cool it off in our air conditioned patrol car. Thankfully this incident did not end in tragedy.

Stern words of warning and a promise to take action were delivered by the authorities:

So again, DO NOT leave your pets unattended in your vehicle during the warmer months. We WILL break your car window and rescue the dog and you will be penalized for leaving your dog in a hot car.

window busted to save dog in hot car
 For those not familiar with the law, the Department offered a reminder:

RCW 16.52.340
“An animal control officer, law enforcement officer, or the department or agency employing such an officer is not liable for any damage to property resulting from actions taken.”

Leaving pets unattended in hot vehicles can result in a civil penalty (fine) and or arrest for animal cruelty under RCW 16.52.205 or 16.52.207.


More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. When will these idiots learn that you don’t leave your dog in the car during warm months. Good thing this officer rescued the dog from the vehicle; otherwise, the owner will be coming back to a dead pup.

  2. Fucken idiot(s)!!!! Too bad we can’t lock this stupid son of a bitch in the car for hours on a 100 degree day with the windows up!!!!

  3. It doesn’t matter how many times these stories are told, or how many pets have died, these morons still have to take their dogs with them and leave them in a hot car! It isn’t rocket science, it is common sense. Is it just that they DON’T care?

    • I think these asshole owners think their dog will survive such horrible conditions and never be caught. Obviously they’re not concerned for their pets. I had an acquaintance that did the same and her comment was “what’s the likelihood my dog will die and someone will break my window”? My response was I would call the police, take a photo of your dog, license plate and break your window at the risk of being charged for vandalism.

  4. Good job; thanks to the police for taking action…but, I am afraid the owners got to keep the poor pup, I guess. That sucks. Poor dog. Can we give an IQ test or something to establish pet ownership lol. I wish.

  5. I appreciate the officers rescuing this little dog BUT they should have arrested the brain dead owner – by reaming them out they only embarrassed this jerk, this little dog will not be safe until he is out of their hands. It should be mandatory arrest – a giant fine and the dog taken away. Too many assholes have animals.

  6. This sweet animal is not being cared for properly anyway. His little eyes are so stained, if you keep them clean and groomed….they will not stain. I have a white pup and it is a full time chore keeping his little eyes from staining.


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