Police asking for public’s help with German shepherd starvation case

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In Dodge City, Kansas, the police department is asking for the public’s help with finding the person responsible for animal neglect and cruelty starvation case of a German shepherd found on Tuesday. The  emaciated dog weighed only 27 pounds and when rushed to an emergency veterinarian scored a “1” out of a “5” for body condition indicating the lowest grade as to the dog’s condition.

According to the Dodge City Police Department’s Facebook page, the dog has already gained eight pounds since she arrived, and Dodge City Animal Control personnel have not found any underlying medical reasons why the dog could not eat.

“It’s not right. You wouldn’t want this to happen to your children; it shouldn’t happen to your pets either. It’s wrong either way you look at it, so people need to straighten up and do what’s right,” stated Dodge City Animal Control Supervision Laura Stein.

Police report the dog was found near Mulberry and Avenue H. According to Dodge County Police Department Chief Drew Francis, the owner of the dog faces animal cruelty charges, allowing a dog to run at large and not procuring a rabies vaccination or city license tag. The dog is currently under medical care and will not be available for adoption until her condition improves.

If the owner of the dog is found guilty of animal cruelty, he (she) could receive a jail sentence from 30 days to one year with a fine ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Anyone with information on this German Shepherd’s identity or her owner is asked to call the Dodge City Animal Shelter at 620-225-8180.

Help this dog find some justice. This just isn’t fair!

(Photo of German shepherd starvation case via FB)

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5 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope that there is a reward for the hunk of trash that neglected this poor dog so badly. Someone knows who owned her and if they have any semblance of a conscience and/or compassion they need to step up – a reward might just be the incentive to get some justice for an innocent animal who did nothing to be treated so inhumanely.

  2. vicki hood says:

    Prosecution please of the sewer scum that starved this wonderful baby nearly to death. Watch the courts please. Some are do-nothings. Street justice is happening more and more. I rather like it when i see something cruel i interfere, whop them with my purse or what ever to stop the abuse. I am only 81 but can’t stand by and do nothing.


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