Pitiful puppy who appears to be ‘made out of stone’ comforted by his brother

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The pitiful puppy peeked out beneath his blanket; his big brown eyes begging for help. He had been brought into the South Carolina shelter as a “stray” yet he could not stand or walk. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified and immediately went into action. Arrangements were made to send the defenseless puppy, dubbed Jeremy to the organization’s emergency veterinarian hospital. His condition appeared so grave, no one even knew if Jeremy was a boy or a girl.

“Our hearts are breaking for Jeremy,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  “He looks like he is made of stone with those sad eyes peering out begging for help. They got a central line in, and he’s getting albumen (protein) and blood transfusions along with dextrose. His body temp is low again. He did not deserve this.”

And so Jeremy’s ultimate fight for his life began. On arrival, his red blood cell count was extremely low and his body temperature of 94 barely registered. Even with blood transfusions, his blood count has not remained constant. His skin is so damaged from the mange and dehydration, it had been nearly impossible to insert a catheter, and the decision was made to rush Jeremy to a specialty hospital where a central line had to be inserted; the only hope the puppy had to survive in order for medical professionals to administer transfusions, fluids and medication.

“Jeremy survived the night which is a win,” Jackie posted on the organization’s Facebook page early Wednesday afternoon to update supporters and advocates.  “He’s now had two blood transfusions and an albumin transfusion. His glucose is still up and down so he remains on a feeding tube. You can see he’s up a little bit. We learned late yesterday that he has a brother at the same shelter; also with mange but in much better shape. Joshua is on the way to the same vet, and we hope and pray seeing his brother will give Jeremy the perk up he desperately needs!”

Late in the afternoon, Joshua arrived at the veterinarian’s office, and he quickly padded right in to see his brother as if to comfort him. The touching reunion brought tears to the eyes of the staff as Joshua softly nuzzled his sick brother as if reminding him to keep on fighting for his life.

“…even though Jeremy remains pretty out of it, we hope he found comfort in knowing he is not alone. He remains on IV, heat and a feeding tube. Please pray for this precious abused puppy to have the strength to pull though. We promise him a wonderful life if he can just hang in there,” Jackie wrote.

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(Photos and video of pitiful puppy Jeremy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Jeremy’s short video:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday, June 12, 2017

8 replies
  1. Christine Brown says:

    you are in my thoughts and prayers Jeremy. You are in good hands now but you need to fight this and get well so that you can play with your brother

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    If it weren’t for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC both Jeremy and Joshua would most likely be dead. I will never understand WHY shelters take in suffering animals and do nothing for them. I realize that some shelters have insufficient funds but to watch an animal suffer is beyond my comprehension – I hope both Jeremy & Joshua fully recover and get the safe loving homes they so well deserve.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Keeping Jeremy in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for taking care of these precious pups.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Fight for it Jeremy. You deserve a better life with love from your brother and anyone who gets you. God Bless you both.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC!! Not only have they stepped in for Jeramy they stepped in for Joshua too! Praying this little guy will pull thru!


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