When a picture speaks volumes: Dog shown thrown away like trash

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Photos do speak volumes – “a picture is worth a thousand words.” On Saturday night, another innocent victim of heartless neglect was found curled up behind a small shed area near rural Houston, Texas. The dog suffered in silence, and whoever tossed him to the curb and threw him away as if he was a piece of garbage, will most likely never be found to be punished for such abject animal cruelty.

It was a group of animal advocates, organized by volunteer Leslie Ysuhuaylas, who found the suffering dog, and with many volunteers pulling together and coordinating her rescue with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, that another innocent life has a new beginning.

“We have named this precious angel Queenie, because some day soon when she’s feeling much, much better, she will be treated like a Queen as a member of a loving family for the rest of her life,” co-founder Stacey Silverstein wrote on the organization’s Facebook page announcing the latest arrival to the shelter’s long list of survivors of neglect and cruelty.

Queenie is now resting comfortably at the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital where the emaciated dog has been diagnosed with a severe skin infection, double ear infections and anemia. To help with Queenie’s medical needs click here, Paypal [email protected].

(This is a developing story – updates to follow. Photo  of a picture is worth a thousand words for Queenie courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas)

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  1. People that do these horrific cruel things to animals should be taken right to the wood chipper – they have no right to breathe one more ounce of air – I hope Queenie recovers completely and finds the safe loving home she obviously never had.

  2. Comment peut on faire ça à une âme innocente. Il ne faut plus s’étonner de retrouver des bébés dans le congélateur, l’humain n’a rien de noble, que d’indifférence et d’ignorance. Honte à cette espèce indigne de vivre.

  3. I would say I am starting to hate people….but then there are those like RDR and other rescues that give me faith in mankind. I just do not understand anyone, who for any reason, can just throw away a pet. Old age, illness, it doesn’t matter….that happens TO EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING!! No one is exempt from getting sick and old. May karma find the monsters dressed as humans who tossed this poor baby away.

  4. God bless Queenie❤You are beautiful and your life is valuable! Better days ahead for this most precious Queen❤????

  5. Thank you so much for your compassionate endurance strength the things you do everything the day God bless thank you so much.

  6. Tipping my hat to Garrett, Amanda, Jennifer and her husband for finding QUEENIE and being the first on scene to render aid- she will never forget you????

  7. whats it like to be unloved? What’s it like when nobody wants you? For animals this is something that happens too often! They have only us as their voice! To see into the eyes of an animal who has lost all hope is to witness devastation! My life is dedicated to making sure no animal ever has to give up on life! They are to know only love kindness and no pain! Till all of them are safe!!!

  8. Have you gotten an update lately? This dog is in very bad shape. You might want to take a look at tbe so called organizations involved. SMDH

    • If you look on the Rescue Dogs Rock fb page, there are new videos. She’s not out of the woods by any stretch, but she is making progress! Yay!


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