Photo of Jack Russell filled with fear at shelter raises hackles of advocates

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In the heartbreaking photo of a frightened two-year-old Jack Russell terrier trying her best to hide from the world, comes a ton of controversy. Found as a stray and picked up by Animal Control, Prisma is being held in a kennel cage at the Franklin County Animal Shelter NC. State law precludes her from being rescued until her stray waiting period is over. Described as feral or semi-feral, Prisma was caught in a live trap after living in the wild for a long period of time. Still state law requires a waiting period.

Volunteers and staff from the shelter have been trying to assure well-meaning animal advocates, there has been a lot of interest in the dog’s plight even though she is listed as “rescue only.”

“Franklin County Animal Shelter NC If we did not care we would not post to try and get her rescue. I am on my day off and have worked the majority of the day answering rescues and people on here. Please before you accuse know the facts. This dog has a lot of rescue offers. I was not working today and do not know if a rescue has confirmed. But we have so many other dogs that no one is focusing on. We would love for you to share those dogs and get their information out so that they can find great homes!!!”

More than 2,000 messages have been posted to the organization’s Facebook page. with volunteers and would be adopters wanting to know when the dog can be released. As specified by the shelter, because of her behavior and her intense fear, Prisma can only go to an approved rescue organization for patient and quite possibly a long rehabilitation.

It is unfortunate indeed that a blogger on social media posted Prisma’s heartbreaking photo with apparently inaccurate information which very well could have started the drama on the shelter’s Facebook page when Prisma’s photo was uploaded:

“She was dropped off at the Franklin County Animal Shelter NC. She had no idea why she was abandoned there, and she looked totally heartbroken about it. Her eyes were filled up with tears, and she was visibly shaking with fear. This poor dog looks so clueless—she must have been a faithful pet. She seemed to be wondering what she did for her family to abandon her like this. The look on her face is enough to touch your heart.

Unfortunately, if she isn’t adopted quickly, the shelter she’s in will be forced to put her down. It is very unfair, especially to this innocent pooch, but this is just how the system works.”

Franklin County Animal Shelter NC thanks everyone for the interest in Prisma. Inquiries are welcome about this dog, and we will be following her plight. The shelter also wants to remind people they have not had a single inquiry about the other dogs available for adoption – many well trained and affectionate.  Check this folder for dogs just waiting for a loving family. How about Dozer? This happy guy has been at the shelter since August.

“This dog is one of the happiest dogs! He has not shown any aggression towards dogs or cats at the shelter. He loves all people he meets.”

For more information or for 501c3 rescue organizations interested in helping Prisma, please contact:

Franklin County Animal Shelter NC at +1 919-496-3032
351 T Kemp Rd
Louisburg, North Carolina
Ask for information about animal below:
Prisma – Female, Jack Russell Mix, 2 years old. Available for rescue only 10/10/17. Terrified

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

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9 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Please Dave this doggie & all of the cats & dogs they need a home food shelters& love ❤️ please god save them bg

  2. Adrienne says:

    This dog will get adopted, but you need to look at other dogs that are also available and looking for a home. Look at the face of each animal carefully and see if you feel a connection. Sometimes it hits you right away other times it takes spending time with the dog, but trust me, when that dog sees you and connects with you, they have chosen you to be their mom & day, you really aren’t picking them. It may take several trips to the same shelter or different ones, but you will find a pet you will connect with whether it be a dog or cat.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    the end justifys the means.
    May it launch a thousand heart aches.
    to save one frightened unloved and unclaimed soul each.
    and may their love launch a 100 more adoptions.
    by example of Pure Joy and Happiness together.

  4. Jane Cheuvront says:

    I am on my third rescued Jack. The current one was brutally abused. Missing three canines and two other broken off.
    She suffers from Defense Attack Syndrome and when she feels threatened or abrupt movements causes her to defend herself before the abuser attacks. When we brought her home it took me a week sitting on the floor tossing treats before submitting. We were her last chance to have a normal life.
    She has been with us over year. She has come a long way. She plays with us and toys she had no idea how to play.
    These dogs can be rehabilitated and it’s rewarding. It takes time,love patience and understanding.
    We love her very much and she is crazy fun. She has adjusted well into are home and happy to have her.


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