Phoenix man arrested for decapitating 6-month-old puppy and leaving head on table

A Phoenix man, who was angry at his 6-month-old puppy for urinating on the floor of his apartment, faces animal cruelty charges after he beat and stabbed the dog to death. Decarlos Jones, 29, also removed the puppy’s head as a way to get even with his girlfriend.

According to, Jones had returned from work on Tuesday and let the puppy named Bella out of her crate. When the puppy walked out of the cage, she urinated on the floor which angered Jones who then dragged the pooch into the bathroom where he repeatedly slammed her head against the bathtub and then stabbed her with a knife.

Tragically the story gets even more disturbing. Allegedly Jones had been having an argument with his girlfriend, who also owned Bella, and so Jones decapitated the pup and placed the head on the living room table for his girlfriend to see when she returned home. Jones told authorities he ate his dinner with the dog’s face pointed towards him.  Jones also planned to cut the puppy’s legs off, but changed his mind. He then wrapped the dog’s body in a plastic bag.

Jones claims to be bipolar, suffer from PTSD and claims he has “self destructive thoughts at times.” He is currently being held on $5,000 bond and is awaiting a mental health evaluation.

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(Photo of Phoenix man decapitating puppy via Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)


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32 replies
  1. Pamela Bolton says:

    That’s it. Claim mental illness. You are as mentally ill as I am and not mentally ill. Just another attempt at excusing your actions. Hold him accountable. This was MURDER.

  2. Red says:

    He is using his “crazy” as an excuse….. DO NOT BUY IT. Put this A.H. in jail for a minimum of 10 years, $10,000 fine and a life time ban on every owning or living in a home with a pet.

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    You ugly creep bastard how can u do this to the little puppy u are an asshole & I pray someone chops your head & penus off & you die a horrible death poordidfie Rest In Peace bg

    • Animals#1 says:

      I agree 100%. That is the only way to clean up this country of animal abusers. I am sick of this mental crap to get away with abuse and the druggie crap excuses. . They have to suffer as their victims have. Nothing less.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    So, “Jones claims to be bipolar, suffer from PTSD and claims he has “self destructive thoughts at times.” so this explains his sick behavior? Too bad he didn’t act out on the “self destructive thoughts: instead of killing an innocent puppy! He belongs in a mental hospital, if this is how he copes with it all. I hope his “girlfriend” has run for her life, this could have been her had SHE made him mad!

  5. Theresa says:

    You fucking piece of shit saying you have bipolar PTSD I don’t care what you fucking have you know right from wrong you fucking loser coward you should go kill yourself I hope somebody fucking kills you

  6. Adrienne says:

    His head needs to be removed and thrown away since he never uses it. What he did to this dog is beyond horrible and I am sure he does not have PTSD . A crazy “thing” that needs to be in jail forever.

  7. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I’d have no qualms whatsoever in taking this maggot puke SOS outside and offing “it”. Sick bastard that “it” is. I’m fed up with maggots like this claiming mental illness.

  8. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Ethnic POS needs to be taken to the desert : a hole dug large enough to place his entire body upright with the exception of his neck and brainless head: buried and honey applied to the head. Would not take long for him to feel the fear, of what is about to become of him JUST like that little Bella that had been kenneled so long she could no longer hold the urine after she was out…. Let’s SEE how long Wonder Boy holds his Urine from the fear of what is about to come of him….

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Individual needs to be incarcerated in a facility for the mentally infirm… What or Who’s head is This moronic sorry excuse of humanity remove next!!!

  10. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Let’s hope they don’t find him mentally ill but I can already tell it’s not going to be much of a sentence even if he is found guilty because of the $5000 bond. It should have been at least $50,000! RIP Bella, your human failed you.

  11. linda says:

    You MF! To claim he has bipolar and suffers from PTSD is a poor excuse. He was better off causing bodily harm to himself and end his useless life.

  12. Janie L. says:

    This worthless sack of crap needs to have his head removed. What a piece of garbage. If you have it together enough to say that you have all of those psych issues, you are a liar looking for an excuse for what you did. This creep needs to be INHUMANELY EUTHANISED right away.

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    Mental illness – another piss poor excuse by a hunk of maggot puke that took his anger out on an innocent puppy – this guy is definitely one who needs a massive dose of vigilantism – nailed to a tree and tortured is what he deserves.

    • Debbie Schrowang says:

      I want to believe that someone whose capable of this is going to screw up and get what’s coming to him! * To be killed in some horrible. SLOW demise!

  14. sherry D. hadley says:

    Oh, now this piece of shit doesn’t even deserve a life sentence. Wish we could just kill a friggin sob like this. This is when you know punishment on earth will never do justice; he’ll have to pay for the rest in hell. Bs to his mental health exam. So sorry puppy.


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