Dogs stolen by pet sitter

Pet sitter stole, then sold, hospitalized owner’s dogs

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Two young dogs were stolen, and then sold, by a pet sitter. The dogs, Bella and Rosie, have been missing since September 2016. According to the dogs’ owner, Ekemini Udoh, the cruel incident took place while Udoh was hospitalized.

Udoh told the Pet Rescue Report, “Bella and Rosie were stolen and sold in September 2016 by the pet sitter, Barry Maurice Sharpe, while I was in the hospital. He was arrested on December 20, 2016 on two counts of felony larceny dogs. I don’t know where or to whom they were sold to and I am trying to get their story out there in case someone or anyone has seen them or has any information that might be useful in finding them.”

Pups stolen by pet sitter

The pups, who were just nine months old when they were taken, were last seen in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Both pups are Pomeranian/Poodle mixes who are already spayed and micro-chipped. According to Udoh, there is a $2,000 reward offered for the safe return of Bella and Rosie.


On December 26, a Facebook post was made to the Bella and Rosie Facebook page:

The reward money for anyone who helps us find Bella and Rosie is now $2,000 cash or cashier’s check only!!! I couldn’t care less about how you came into possession of the dogs, why you are in possession of the dogs or who or where you got the dogs from. I just want my dogs back. The real criminal has already been arrested and that’s the only person who deserves it. Most importantly, you must be prepared to show recent pictures and videos of the dogs and willing to meet in a public place.

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  1. maxiemom says:

    At least the scumbag responsible for this has been arrested, but why the devil hasn’t that POS given the dogs’ owner some indication of where his dogs are? I hope they’re found soon, safe and sound.

  2. linda says:

    OMG! Such a sad story. You can never trust a pet sitter. I hire friends before I trust a pet sitter. My mom had hired one…she was great with the cats,but she was a shop lifter.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m a professional pet sitter and extremely trustworthy. Just like in any field, there are good AND bad people. I find it very offensive that you say you “can never trust a pet sitter.”

  3. Jill says:

    This guy is a piece of trash. He lives in Rock Hill SC. I wish someone would just hold him down for the owner for a little while or for me. They arrested him in Charlotte but he was given a slap on the wrist and $5000 bail and he was out again. Please share this story everywhere so this owner can get her babies back. I know if it were my babies I don’t know what I would do.

  4. Steph says:

    1 has been found. he took them to the local mall in the area. Someone stepped forard and said that they were given the dog. Thank goodness they are chipped. it was the only way to know for sure.


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