Pet parrot witnesses woman killing her husband

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A Michigan woman was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday in the shooting death of her husband. The crime was committed in 2015 and apparently witnessed by the husband’s pet parrot.

According to Fox News, Glenna Duram, 46, shot her husband Martin, 45, on May 12, 2015, and then turned the gun on herself in the couple’s Newaygo County’s Ensley Township home which had been in foreclosure. Duram had been shot five times; Glenna suffered a head wound in what prosecutors said was a suicide attempt, but survived. The murder-suicide drew international attention because of its unusual witness- the couple’s African gray parrot. Within weeks after Martin’s death, the family recorded the bird “parroting” what they believe to have been the man’s last words: “Don’t f***ing shoot!”

It had been Martin’s ex-wife who had taken custody of the parrot named Bud. She was convinced the bird had been replaying the words it heard the night Martin was killed. Bud was well known for picking up anything and everything people said – including cursing expletives obviously.

A Michigan prosecutor tried to convince the judge to allow the bird’s phrases to be used as evidence during the trial, but the judge dismissed the motion.

Duram is scheduled to be sentenced on August 28 for murder and a felony firearm charge.

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(Photos via screenshots Fox News and NbcNews)

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